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Poetry: The Builders

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AH are arch!toc.8 oi" Fute, Working in the wnl! ol Time ; Sonic witii maseive deeris aiul greal, Süine wiih ornament; of llhyii.e. Nothing useless is, nor !ov ; Efich thitig n i(8 place is best ; And what aeenis but idie ehoy Strengthens anJ supports tiie rest. For the structurc thnt we ruiao, Time is willi mniciiu's fiilei? ; Ourto-daj's nnd yestcniays Are the bloeks vvith vvliich wc build. Truly shape oud r;is!iion these ; Leave no yawnin g.'ps between ; Tliink not, bocuuse no m&n soes, ' Such thingswill rcüiaiti unsecn. In the eider dtiys o( Ari, Buildei8 wroughi wuh greatest care F.ach minute atu! nrfscen part ; For the gods saw every whcro. Let 8 do our work as wel!, Kütli tiie uticen and the seen ; Make the house uhere god uiay dweil, Beauüful entire and clean. Klse our ltvea are incomplete, Standing in thcie walla of Time, Broken stair-ways, whore the ieet 3tumblc as they ecek. to climb. lu'l't to day. ihcn. Ptrong and suro, Wi:lj o firm ní a'tQplo br:sc, And ascending ind pecuro Shall tu niorros' fuidá its place. Thiis alJne enn we attnin To those turrt-ts w'iere the eye Bees the world as ono vnsl pioin, And one boundJees reach of ?ky.