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The London Lancet nnnounced ihc publicntion in England of a new, and most elabórate Treatise on the Skin, in its healthv and niorbid states, by Dr. Eraslus Wil?on. We infer from the mere glancesof it taken byihé Lancet, that it is an invaluabte wqrk, the product oi long continued observation, and luborious thought, and hope that it may soon be republished tliisside of the Atlantic. Few persons are aware of the importance of the cutaneous struclure, and oi the of roainfaining it in a l.eal thy condition., it wouid nol be so generaJJy and gressly neglected. - Bathing in this country is a rccreaiion indulged in during the warm season, bui not a habit the yoar round. And vet the body requires cleanliness as mueh in winter as in summer. Habitual cold bathing in winter invigorates the system, equalizes the circulation, keeps the skin active, and cnables il to resist with comparativo impuuity the evil infiuences of viciüsiludes of weather. The following facls gleancd from Dr. Wilson's treatise, will cause many to open their ey?s with astonishmcnt, anc tench thein why it is that so rnuoh suffering follows a check of pprspiralion. and how vital it is to preserve what the Doctors cr.ll the "egumenlary tissue," in n state of cleanlinessand vigorous action. The Doctor counted the perspuatory pores on t!e paltn ofihe hand, and found 3.rr2S ia a square inch. Each pore being ihe apez-ture to a Hule tubo a quaVfei' of an indi long, it followd ihat on a square inch on the palm of the hand ihere is a Icngth of tube equal to 6S2 inches or 73 fcct. On the pulps of the fingersilie number of pores is stil! grefter: on the liecls, not so mnny. On an avernge for the wholo surfuco, he estimates 2800 pores to the square inch, and onsoquently a lengthof tubo equnl to 700 incbes. The nurnber of square nclies of surface in a man of ordinary size, ÍS2.500; ihe number of pore?, theroforc, 7,000,000; the number of niches of perspiratorv lube, 1,750,000- ihnt is H5,S33 feel, or 40,800 yards, nearly iicenly-cight miles! riiink of V.-l Twcnty-eight milos of drainge on orio' hody - twehiy-éiglii niües of surface, éxpösisd lo morbid inliiences - twrniy-cight miles of sympalhciic legument! ís il any wonder ihat agents acting upon this Hvenfy-eigiit miles of tube, sbould produco .so docidcd impressions upon the whole man? Do not people seein this fact the imrnediate importanee of remo ving obstructions, when l.y any mcans this drainage is sfóppcd or checked? Need another word be said in behalf of daily cold bathing, and the strictest cleanliness? Think of it, ye thoughtless one.s - Iwcnty-eight miles of drainage! - Cin. HeraM. It is a Fact Tliüt tlie uniount of innney lost by fniling hnnke throighout the Ifijion from Í34J to IÖ45, was ..S.r'OiO! Oh.o iharr of thin loss was onlv tien m'lUons oc kumlnd mi tart y thêUaaa!d ? -