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Communications: For The Signal Of Liberty: Woman's Sphere

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1 It tt-ouJd appear, were we to judge T from diversity of opinión, on the subject ofwoman's oppropriate ephere, that na. ure had assigned her none nt all. Some say, sho is in angel, tho inhabitatotfi of hcaven are not purer in thought, or more benevolent in design, and the grenter lier influence, the beller for societ}-. Oihers aflirm she has no soul at all. She was designed only as a servant for man, and a spirit of obedience is ihe oiily virlue we desire lier to possess. - Tliere nre thousands of Asteroids, who have drawn circles betweeh these Iwn great primary's, so that woman's weak mind is puzzled and perplexed, and being unable to trace her orbit, sha is constintly overstepping, first this sidc, then the oiher exposing herself to the riöicule and censure of tho wiser sex. 1 invite the ladies to set aide the places assigned us by ioterested men, and examine tho inspired volume and Look of nature. The first informs us, we aronot angels but literally human beings, taken from the side of man and designed I as a help, orin other words to áid hit in the of iiis objects. Nature 6peaks ths sarne lnngunge. If we compare ourselvcs with men, we find in ourselves the same facültiés and propensities, (a-king 'pardon of hose ladies who are so rofined as lo fcel shocked nt ihe Idoa of possessing a mascu. line trait or feelinf )i liad nature designen' us oníy to do thi - bidding of man, ve should Imve bee ü made without a wi]J, as are the brutee - whercns evcry woman, at all acquaintec i with her mental operalion!?, hcs íeh ihn - indescribable, independent somctliing cal led icill, and has feit the same volenc done to her nature in being compelled b) legal enactmenls to submit lo the dictatior ' of men, that óúe man feels, when com pelled to submit to another. The firs marrioge ceremony corroberaíes the a bove views. The God of the Universe i honored the celebraíion with his prosence. and also his approbation. as he bestowed the bride. Adam received his bride; roplyiüg, ':lhis is now bone of my bone. nnd flísh of my flesli: for Ibis cause shall a man cleave to his wife, and they shall be one flesh." Brief, beauiiful and compre! ensive. quite nnlike a moderr marrifige ceremony. The idea of ruling and obeying seems not to have enterec heir minds. ít was not until the fata experiment of disobedicnce thnt Evc found lier husband a lord and iiorsejf a servant. Had this been a natural relation, or hfid it previously exiáted, it could not hnve been inflicted on Eve a punishment. aThy desirc shall be unto thy husband, and he shaU rule over thee," . belongs to the fallen state alone, and has its origin and necessily in the depravity of our race. It extends only to the wife: and all enactments of legislatures parliamenls, señales, societies, &c. subjecling women as a mee. are arbitrary and unjust, and are not sactioned by nny natural or divine law. To the husbaud alone, as husbar.d; s he wife, as u-'fc, subjeclion. The peacc; of tho domestic circlo requires such an arrangement. WLile lhe unmarried lady mav use the polps'of tho universe for a compras to draw the circics of lier spherc. Sho is on a perfect equaüty with human souls inhabiiing a little slronger tabernacle, Miiton and the world to ;he contra ry ñotwithstanding. V.i;h regird lo ihe conunon argumeni oí" dísporify, I necd only sa_v that every r!enced te.-iclier knov. s that to reversi he trriining of the sexos would reverse tlieir characters. If it were not so, why the necessily of so many expedient but unjust laws, giving to man every ndvaninge, and rendering woman dependant upon lumi Why the necessily ofgtiarding so sedulously his lofiy. and énvíable position? Wül thosc who can, explain?