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Mi;. Eniron. : - I wish to convoy throngliyour cóiümös som o of tu y 'tlioughts to oir friendo, abolitionists. 1 have from my yoiüh been tnught ihal tlie enslaving oC our ftdlöw men, by maf), vas a wiskècl usiirjation of autbprity v.hicli did not belci.g to man: ihnt men weienll bom with inalienable nnd etjuaj righls, and lliat riglit gives to eyery man lihcriy and die choice of his pursuit of ho'ppineiss, and we are nol to look at the ounvard appparanco to know w'iïh certainly mVföibie things. Thernforc. mr-n born in different countries and with different complexions, vel their national CTpacities are not very dissimilar. I have Jong been a friend to Jiberty, nnd have looked on with impatiencethe slow revolutions of tliat wheel which is to libérate the captive, and under the present state of things, and viewingtheslow (or rather no grogress) towarda the abolition ót" slavery, Í fear tliat 1 shall be disappointed ofseeing it brought about n my day, having already lived four years short of half a century. Thereforo I won Id a new starting point for tho deliberation of our friendo : that is,' tlirU we tako the most proper and ppeedy coursp to alter the Consriiution, mnking it unconstitutional to hold slave$ in tho United States; and so Par as my knowledgo extends, nine-tenths of the people will vote for such a move, and I do beiieve tliat it would be tho most speedy as well as the most sure remedy for the great evil.Notk. Vv'e give our correspondent a' hearing, nlthough we do not assem to all his premises or conclusions. The amislavery cause was never making more rnpid progrcss than al this moment. We would soy lo our friond, don't be "impaticnt": grcnt rcvolutions in the political world liketliose of the material one, may be siow and appnrently insinificnnt in' preparation, but rapid and ovcrwhelming' in thèir final developement. Thn present is not the time lo alter our position. Two years henee, we shall see our path to victory plainly marked out before us.