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Christianity With A Vengeance

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-The'Cliristinn lntelligeneer and bouthern Methodist' is the tille of r. monthly magazine, published at Georgetown, Ky. and cdited by tho Rev. Evan Stevenson, of the M. E. Church, South. The June nuniber has como to hand, f rom vhich we will make a few extracts. Tho following editorial articlcwe copy entirë. - Tnc Wcsleyan.Hcar it, Soldiers and Citizcns, riols and Fricnds! - While tho war continue?, wo cunnoi and teil! not discuss the question of Slavery, us we honestly feel more like discussing roast beef and yams, or if service is rcquired, nalional rights, wilh our sw ord on tlio II ïo Grande; and if iliïs we must do, there is no man under whom wo should more freely essay to 'Ron through a troop nnd jutnp over a wal!,' hnn'íhc same gallant linie Doctor, whoso Captnincy was rendered him by the unanimous vote of every member of our company present; and if yet called on, nothing but fumily afllictions. sickness or death shall prevent us from a willing surrender of our feeblo energios to thisca'j$c. This, too, is the feel ing of every volunteer. We enlreat our corrcspondcnls iliat Ihry foncard to us for pub! cal i on, ño feïigious conlrovcrties pending this conflict wilh Mexico. Let .us drop our denominational prejudicps - ighi thegood fight of Faiih, and lay liold ujjon clernal life.' Anothcr artielo conlains the following sentence:"We deprécate war ns mitch ns any man should do; we regard t as a lamentable system, by wliicli xvidows and orphans are thrown upon the charily of tho world by score?, vet, if it musí come - nnd if ït prove inevitable, the prayer o[ cvery man should bf?, 'Teach my hands to war. and my fingers to ftght.'