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Methodist Preacher For Sale!

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Tlie Washington Correspondent of tho Pbiladulphia lnquiror gires the following itom connectod with the celorbration of the 4th oí July in tbat city. What a libel on Fr InBtituiiuns, thut snch thingsshould bo ofevery day occurrooco in tho Capítol fo tho Nation: - Tho colored peoplo horc of tho Methodist por suusion, are ubnut holding n Fnir fur iho purcbino of their pre.icher I The price nsked by hi musier is $30,1. Whnt a cornmentnry upon th roaring cannon of tbo -llh of Julv, in commoni. oratio ot the day whon it wou oeaerted that all men aro freo and equal ! A congregmion cannot worship tht-ir Mnker without purchasing their preacher! How iheso things muko Europa IsoghlThe blighting eftects of slavery arebe2Oiningmore and moreapparent.throughout the whole country, lts influenco is feit in a decided nnnner, in tliO action of Congress on most important measure, and, though it may be doubted i f a separate politicíil organizaron is best calculatod lo efï'ect its aboütion, it is proper that weseriously consider v!)at may bo done to avert tho curse which must evenlually (all upon the nation that nourishes auch a God-ofibnding system. - Hillsdah Gazette. Il would have-beon well if you had long ngo "considered," and by this time wore prepnred to act. Do youintend to "avert the curse" by voting ngain for James K. Polk, or somc other slaveholdor 1 Botli Housen of Congrcw hnve votod to adjourn o the renth of AujjUKt.