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-GeneralGreen in lus dospaiches, alter battle Eutaw, saya: uHur:dreds of my men wore nnkedi they wore bom! Judge Johnson in l lifo of Green, says: "Posterity W scarcely believe that the bare loiof {- many men who carried death amoití l'J enemy's ranksatthe Eutaw, wereg110 by their cartouch boxes, while a fcldor t rag or a tuft of moss protocted he sbul der from sustaining the same injury 'ooi the musket. General Green says j his letters to the Secretary of War: We have three hundred men without rm, and more than one thousand 60 ked that they can be put on duty onlyi cases of a desperate nature. Our d'oulties are so numerous, and our wí so pressing, that I have not a momi's relief from the most painful nnxe.& I have moro embarrassments than iiprop" er to disclose to the world.' " A. man as often gets two dollaforthe one he spends informing his m! os he does for a dollar he lays out in f othor way. A man oats up a pound sugar and it is gone, and the pleasune en- joyed has ended; but the infoition & gets from a newspaper is treasi UP a the mind, to be enjoyed QD to be used whenever occasion inclination calis for ít. A newspo fe wisdom of this age, and tholt ogos, too