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íflainc- The Whigs of Maine have got a candidato fot gove"nof. Tlieir stnlo Convcntioñ was holden on the 8th inst. - smitll in numbors, slimmer in enthusiabin. On the second, iMr. Bronson liad 54 votes, Alien 25. - Filot. The income of the Maine stato prison was last year $2522 Gtt moro than the expenses, exclusive of the salaries of the ófficers, which amount lo nearly $6000. We understand il to be a "h'xed fact," in the fninds of liberty men in Maine that we are to increase largely our vote this year. Aro ve right? We have a fair chance lo do it, only let there be theenergy and activity of '48 and '44. Within aboutono year 30,000 traets and extr papers were circulated. - Standard. New Hampsllirc- -Mancheste is tho only city in the State of Ne Hampshire, and t he' bilí for its incorpo rat ion has but recently passed ihe Leg islature. Among the last acts of the legislatur of New Hampshiro, was tho passage o „n new militia law, which abolishes a trainings of tho militia companies exce; iheannual inspection in May, (for whic se-rvice they are to receive fifty cents.' but requires the usual dut}' to be pe formed by the volanteer companios, anc pays them according to the old law, ex cept that insteadof coming f rom the tow treasury, it is to come from tLe Stat Treasury. Andrew Moward was hung by the nee according to law in the manner and form duly provided, on tho 8th inst. A stroneíFort was made for the commutation of lis sentence, but in vain. A corresponent of tho Boston Beo iys that ner.'rly 0,000 persons wero assembled around ïojail lo witness the horriJ spectaclo. Massa chllSCÍ ÍS. - The largest )ioco ofordnanco cast, itis said,' lias just jeen tuïiïed out at Algcr's foundry, South ioston.' ít is hcavier by 5000 poimds ban tho "Peaco maker." The woight' f the gun, when finished, will be 25,(700 pounds. Length; ten feet; diameter, at he baso ring, 39 inches; length of chum)er, 13 inches; diameter of chomber, 0 nches; length of boro, 9 feet 1 inch; dimfiterofbore, 12 inches. Will carry 230 pounds round shot, and 180 pounds' f shell. Rango of shot or shell 3J miles - being a quarter of a milo groaler ban the recorded performance of tbc argest and latcst invcnledmortar in Engand; and h mile beyond the rcacli of ny gun in the Castle of San Juan de ülloa. A Society has been formed by the conicts in the Staie prison at Charlestown, vilh the tillo of "Massachusetts Stato Vison Society for Mutual linprovernent nd Moral Aid." The Society held its irst public meeting on the 4th inst. Mr. Garrison, editor of the Liberator, eaves for England, in tho steamer of uly 10. The Supreme Court of Mossaclmsotts iavc decided that a bnr-tender is liable o the penalties for sclling spirituous liqors "to be drunk in his shop," uhhough ley do not own nor have any interest n the profits of tho establishment where ïey sell. No less than 221 female operativos ïavo been murried in Lowell during the ast year. The price of hymen's stock's n that place is on the rise. Capitalibts vould do well to invest extensively. A man named Isaac Bacon, recovered amnges from the city of Boston, to the tnount of $10,000, as compensation for njuries received by falling nto a bole in lic side walk of one of the streets. IVCW Yoi'k. - Ilandbillswere postd in every part of tbc city of Rochestor, on tho Fourth, hnaded "Yoüng Sam 'atcii !" in which it was anuounced tlial at 2 o'clock, P. M. Mons. Joscph La 'iou, of the schr. would leap from the Peak of the Genesee Faïlrj ! - Of course, sa}'s tho American, long bebre the hour appointed, a large concourse of people were at the falls, anxiously vaiting the arrival of the heroic succesor of ihe illustrious Sam Patch. Puncual to his appointmont, the ondaunted -ia Bou made his oppcarance before the dolighled muhitude, dressed in light sailor slyle, with a sky blue handkerchief about lis waist, whilc a turkey red confined his et black hair,. which feil in graceful ringets upon bis shoulders. Without any jravado or blusler, and yet without betraying tbc slighlost symptorn of fear, he ]uiolly walked to lbo very brink, the "earful brink from which Palcb took lis last and fata) leap. The ossefnbly was now in the highest state of excitement. Before, there had been a buz of npplauso, now perfect stillness reigncd.- [Ie stood upon the brink, he looked into the abyss below, raised bis anos íibovt; lis beatl turncd round andquictly walkod away. Nothing was said by the spectators, but each looked those stood nearest him in the face, with a look that said "wc'vc been ho-axod." Tho liubililies of one of the 8iispenuet flour dealing houses in New Yurk nrc n million and a half of dollars, ntid thosc of anolhcr, a million. Georgia. - The Augusta Chroniclc of the 13th inst, says : "We wore shown yesterday a full grown Crow, perfecth white. It was caught, a few duys ngo by a servant on the plantation of jIi Colcman, near this city, and appéaïs no quite domesticated." A grand Work. - In a month tbc Mi con and Western Railroad will bc in op peraüonifs entire length to Atalanta. - Tliore will then be, says the' Suvana Hepublican, aconnected line of commu nication froin Savanah, txdis'ancc oflhre hundred and hccnly-two miles, strelcbin diagonally across the State to the Obitain lanRiver, witlunforty miles of the Tenn essec line. liOUisiaaia'. - A New Örleans pa per says that about a dozen hegroes wer arrested by Captain Youenes on Tuesda night in an illegal asscfmbly. Six o them Were fined S2j which tlieir mastei paid. The rest wero ordered lo be sum marily punished. Oh! what a free coun try this is, wherc the Constitution guar anties tbc right of the people to assen blo, to speak, to write ándito petition fo a redress of gricvances ! It is indeec "the land of the frec and the home of tb brave," except "niggers," and all uh truly believe man bas rights ! Ibid. More fruits of War.- The New O leans Commercial Times calis upon th authorities of thatciiy to put in force th law against carryingarms about the pei son, and states that w'itbin a few week repeated aflVays havo arisen, in whic '■several dcalhs have occurrcd." Thos murderous scenca are charged upon th "voluntcers" who throng the city."Texas.- Tho IJou'ston Telegraph says ihat the soction of, country lying J west of tho Neuccs, bordering on thesen 1; coast, s intersected by numcrousshallow I inlots and bays, hito' which the salt water s of the Gulf flows during winter, but in t summer, owingto intenso solar i tion, they become dry, and aro covered t with acrust of salt threo oí four inches c tbick, equal in every respect to Turk's v Island, tlio best for preserving meat and fish. Thedry clinrmlcof ern Texas - rain seldom fulling in the t summer months - makes the procfiás of evaporation exceedingly rapid and millions of bushelsmay be procured for the v mere troublo of collccting it. 3 The season, so far, has been very " vorable. Alorig tlíe valley of tho Gaudaloupe, the corn creps aro represented as giving extraorninary promise. The peoj)le expect to be ready to provisión a very heavy number of emigrants. The State has furnished it is said about '2000 men for the nrmy. The Texas Register saya : "Miss Parker, who was captQred at her fathor's fort, on the Navisol, ten or twelvc ycars ago, has married an Indian Chief, and is so wedaed to the Indian modo of ufe, that she is unwilling to return to er white kindred. The commissioners made every efFort n llieir power to reclaim her, hut she l vould not listen to their kind offers; but a ed with her husband to the prairies. - ! 2ven íf sho should be restored to her n indred hero, she vvould probnbly take n antage of the first opportunity, and flec c way to the wildsof Northern Texas." Q Alafia Illa. - A Mobüe pflper says at a company of the Alabama voluneers amused themselves in thai city, on ie eve of their departure for the Rio ïrandp, by ill- treatingtwo helpless inffensive negro boys who ere seated upn the wharf, fishing. A fier pelting ïem with mclons to their heart's c enl, ihey concl-ided the entertainment )y knocking both lads into tho river. - One of them was drowned, the other 1 npcd. ' Soilth - A slave has ■ )con condemned to be hung Charleston, S. C, for "grievously wounding with a ïatchet," a Germán, by the name of J od, who was utternpting to arrest him as ( a runaway! Tlio pmishment ot' Pillory was on he fith in !c'ed upnn Ai;d ( w Mu.sleman and m Mariis. who we.e senionccd to endure tliis punish i:ent. o litiln beneficia) to the crimina!, so disgusiing o tiio specintors, nnd po disyraceful lo the ngeol hc country. The pn'suners rejiiaiucd in the 'raiiic aliout lialf on liour exposed to ihe viow oT iil)oiit 500 wliiie persons and three linies that :iuii:!er of negroos. ]i iá iweniy ycars sincc ihis liuiiiïhiiHiH lias b en inllicied in Cbvrlêéton, aiid hoving heen ag;iin revivcd. we trust n is only La ïeccivc iis dcaili hiow froni our legiilutuie at il next sesïiin. - GharltSion Netos. 'JTCEHICSSCC - The politieal i)aj)crs have conimenccd the work of Pjcsidcnt niiiking, or of presenting the names of candidatos for Ihut dislinguished post. - The Knoxville (Tenn.) Tribune brings fofward John ]ell, of Tenness, os the Wliig c;ui:liduto lor the. Presidciicy in 131K. Th is i.s the tiurdor iburth candidate alreatiy nnmod on that sile. Tlic New York Sun says that Government is now paying onc lmndrcd dollars a heail for males, in Tennessee, and one hundred more ibr their transportion to the bordere of Mexico, for the use oí' the ármy, when Key can bë had on the spot, accliniatcd and tra'mcd to the roads for one qnartor of the monev. President Polk ciime from Tcnnossee, nnd the secret of lh is cconojuical trade niay proba bly lt: found in the circumstance that many of his ncighbois have hiuleü to sell. - Cilizvn. Hissowri- A üboraí núnded sloro keeper in Sf. Louis, presented every member of a rpgimerjl rif soldiers, reccntly organized in that city, w ilh u wholo plug of tobáceo as a testimonial of tho high estimation he put upon their prompt response to the requisitioii of the Governor. The company gave the merchant their thar.ks. nnd accepted his gift wilh thrce cheers. lt. W. Emerson spoke the truth wlien he said that " patriotisni is dog cheap." Ollío. - Anolher case of ''Love and Suicide," (or rather folly and suicide.) is chronicled in tho Cleveland papers. A young Gorman, wealthy and respcctable, named Hazier, killod himself on account of beingslighted by a young girl. He was found luurging in n tree witli a hall hole through his neck. It appears that afier iidjusting the rope he managód to present the mu.zle of a gun to his mouth, and, discharging it, his lifeless body was left swinging by the neck. L.ftliaiia. - A largo stout hoosier from Putman, Indiana, walked barcfoot"o Louisville to join thé voluntcers. The ilistancc was over one hundred miles. "Wiseonsail. - A correspondent of the Albany Argus, writing from Milwaukie, sr.ys: The marshals of the different counties are tak ing the census of tho Territorv, and from present appearances our popnla'ion will vary but littlö from 150,000, being an increase of over onc hundred thousand within fivc years.The city of Voree, wbore the New Mormon prophet Strange bas established liis head quaïters, is rapidly filling up. its inhabitants already numberten thousand. It is represcnted to be a rnost beautifuï place, nnd its water powor is immense; sufiicient to mnko it the first nianulacturing place in the West. It is an ïho borders of tho Racinc nnd Wolworth counties. It is cstirnated that the popub.lion of Wisconsin has increased 100,000 during the last fivc years. The'State Óohvcntion of lown adopted a Cunstilution after being in session fourtcen days.