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[Paris Cor. New York Herald.J The great Exposition continúes to be the uppermost topic in this city, which never better deserved the epithet of the gay capital than now. Marked progresa j has been made in all the departments, particularly the AmericaD section, where another week will, it is to be hoped, find everytüing complete. The educational exhibition, with its various appliances, which will be one of tüe most interesting features of the American department, has noj; yet been located. A beautif ui model of a Pullman palace car 'excites general curiosity in the machinery annex, Our steam engines, our compressed-air brakes, and saving machines equally sustain our character for practical ingenuity. Space has been reserved for Edison's telephone and phonograph and other inventions, which will be daily exhibited. fine art collection of the Exhibition is lemarkable both for the number and high quality of the works exhibited. Some idea may" be gathered from the fact that the artists and art patrons of the various countries have contributed the following number of oil paintings : France, 861; Great Britain, 283; United States, 86; Sweden, 82; Norway, 38; Spain, 115; Hungary, 61; Bussia, 144; Switzerland, 93; Belgium, 300; Greece, 44; Denmark, 76; Holland, 102: Italy, 166; Luxemburg, 2; Bepublic of San Marino, 2; Peru, 3; Japan, 2; Hayti 1; Uruguay, 4. The Germán collection has not yet been opened. Besides these there are innumerable water colors, pastéis and architectural designs. The statuary, and partioularly the Italian contribution thereto, includes many fine specimens of the sculptor's art. Among the many mechanical curiosities of the Exhibition is an automaten swimmer, who natates in a tank with the grace of a professor of the art and the tirelessness of a Society Islander. There is also an automaton preacher, who has only to be wound up and off he goes, carrying out Oarlyle's idea of a cart-iron parson to the letter. Dinners, balls and fetes succeed each other with bewildering rapidity. Ministerial and private entertainments innumerable are given. The event of last week in this respect was the grana ball given to the Prince and Princesa of Wales by the Princesse de Saigon. It was a magnificent affair. Twelve hundred invitations were issued, The electric light plays a great part in these fetes. In the garden its effect . is periectiy iaii-y-iixe. It Vías just been mtroduced on the stage at the Theater du Chatelet. A Prussian Duel. A Captain in the Sixty-f ourth Prussian regiment had been paj ing atiention to the young wife of the Adjutant of the regiment, and had allowed himself to apeak publicly in a cynical manner of his intimacy with her. The remarks having been repeated by his brother officers to the husband, the latter laid the matter before the Oourt of Honor of his regiment, and, with the sanction of this tribunal, a duel between the officers was arranged. The Lieutenant, being the challenger, demanded that the duel should be fought with pistols ; the first shots to be fired at fifteen paces' distance, the opponents then being at liberty to advance to within five paces of one another and the firing to be continued until one or other of the opponents should be so severely wounded as to be unable to fire any longer. The meeting took place in an open space in a wood near the town. At the first exchange of shots the bullet of the Lieutenant grazed but did not seriously injure the Captain ; and, at the fourth round, the latter shot his adversary through the the right lung and heart. The corpse of the Lieutenant was taken to Angermunde, where the usual inquest was held, and thence to Prenzlau, where the deceased ofticer, wiio was only 29 years of nge, was buried with military honors. In an order published by the commauder of the regiment it was announced that Lieut. W. had died suddenly and blamelessly. Tlie New Apportioninent of Ohio. The Columbus correspondent of the Chicago Times says: There has been considerable discussion over Ohio as to the politica! status of the Congressional apportioninent. Taking the districts as fixed by the new law gives thirteen Democratie and se ven Bepublican districts, figuring upon the last Presidential vote as a basis. The majorities in the districts on that basis were as folio ws: , - Majrrrity. - ■ , T Districts Democrat. Mepublican. First 670 Second 75 Third 2,123 Fourth 6.0TO Fifth V gixth 8.028 Ssventh 629 Kighth MS8 Niulli M1 Tenth 856 Eleventh 514 Twelftb 1'i3 Thirteentli 869 Fourteenth J,81t Fiftccnth B3 SiJtteontli 81 ■ Seventoenth ,' Eighteeuth '." Nintcenth l'SSS Twen icth ó''16 Mary's Little Lamb. Tlic foilowing is the Chinese versión of Mary and her lamb: Wan gal name Mol! had lamb, Fica all samee wlüte anow ; Evly place Molí gal walkee, Ba B:i hoppee long too. We heard a son of Erin trying to surround Mary and her little lamb the other day, and this is the way he understood it : Begorry, Mary liad a little shape, And the wool wis white intoirly ; Aa', wherever Mary wud sthir her fthumps, The young staapo would follow her complately. - Coundl Blujl's Globe. So oelebrated a poem should have a French version: La petite Marie had le june muttong, Zee wool was blanehee as ze enow ; And, everywherela belle Marie went, Le juno muttong was zure to go. -Impdrted poet of the Stawford Advocate. í Oui, monsieur; yotl iivez un very large imagination; mais eomment est this, pour i Deutsche: Dot Mary nat got ein leedle schaf, Mit hair yust hke some vool ; Und, all der blaoe dot gal did vent, Das Bhaf go like eiu looi. : -Háchenmele Jtepublic in. In Texas the railway employés al 1 carry shol-fjuns atrapped to their baoks and tUe Pöptoffioo Department bas jus' - issued an ordpr that eaoli railroad Postal - A-ent in tlieRute sbaH be Wdwj,


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