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- Base-ball to-morrow aíternooo. - Those júnior "plugs" have appeared ou the streets. - Ou Sattirday ereuing last Frof. Steere lectured in Normal Hall, Ypsüanti, on " The Andea and the Upper Amazon." - The junior engineers go into camp tomorrow at Unadilla, Livingston County. Frof . Davis wül hav charge of the field-work of the party. - There was an acceasion to the engineer department at an early hour on Suuday last. The new comer has taken qnarters at Prof. Crreeue'a,- and is a girl. - Four new ChronicU editora were elected on Satnrday last : from the secret societies, 'rank D. Mead and Williatn F. Bryan ; from ;he independent, Leroy Halsey and Charles (i. Van Wert. - The acting professor of physica waa com)liujented by a serenade juat after midnight of 'Viday last. The music was u't of a heavenly ype, and yet it waa nnearthly. He had n't onditioned the júniora just to suit. - The receipts oí the Lecture Association or the recent courne, as given by the Treasurer lead in the Clnonicle, were, $3,111 41 ; exenses, t2,19ó.48; profit.s, ï'Jló.93. The treasrer has a balance on hand of $99.03, with all ebts paid. - Of the Senior reception the Chronicle ys : "Sume opposed it on principie and beluse they had no interebt u it; and a large umbar, who have run iu debt tor their catión, opposed it for waut of priucipal aud because tliey had too inuch interest." - Senior comimttees : On CUss-day - Geo. W. Knight, Stmtrt 1). Walliug, James D. Du huno, Johu B. Johnson, George Willits, William C. Johnsou, Henry W. Judd, Albert Norton, and Urr tíchurtz. On Class Supper -Charles M. Cooley, William V. Moore, DanI A. Alien. - At the recent election held by tlie Cbrisan Associatiou the fullowing ofKcers were ected fot the ensuing year: J'rosideut, Jeeae ', Miüspaugh, '7Ü Vice-1'resideut, Charles . Wilsuu, '80 ; liecordiug Secretary, Miss E. . Williams, '80 ; Correspondiug Secretary, 'liornas C. Greene, '70 ; Treasurer, John yre8, 'SO ; Librarían, William C. Miller, '81. - Hun. 'Jsorge V. N. Lothrop, of Detroit, las accapled an ntvitatiun to íive the uddress u Uummoncoment day, which, under the ucw order of thinga, takes tbe phice ot fche usual dozen orations by graduating seniora. Mr. Lothrcjp ís i soho!ar!y gentleman and oue oí the most pulished speakers in tbe West, and bis seiection by the iaculty gives proinise of a commencemunt oocasiou futí of interest. - Free l'ress oí May 18; "President Augell, of the Michigan University, entertained the inembers of the I'risniatic Club aud invitad guests at the rooms of the (Jlub last eveuing witli a obanning paper on National Wit. It treated of the cbaracteiistics of the wit ut the Spaiiifih, ltalian, French, Germán, English, and Irish, with a brief allusion to Americau wit. It was reimukiible lor close observatiou power of analysis, happy comparinous, aud that rare beauty of dictlou which is a dintinguisbiug characteristic of all the literary effoits ot tlmt master of lauguage."


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