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- Hev. Mr. O.iinga, oí Eilwardsburg, Mioii., preached in the Presbyterian OhurcU last Sunday forenoon. - Rov. Mr. Craveu, of Toledo, is expected to preach in the Uuitarian Church next Sunday, at the usual houis. - In additiou to the regular services oi the day a love feast will be held in the Germán M. E. Church next Sundüy at 3 o'clock p. ra. - A letter from Rev. C. H, Brigham advises his friends that he has relinquished all hope or idea ot returning here and resuraing his labors with his people and society. - By request we publish a tirnely sermón ddhvered in the Uuitarian Church last Sunday by Rev. J. H. Allen. It discusses vital questioos and will bear a careful reading - It is understood that the Rev. Mr. Allen has clnsed his labors with the Unitarian Church of this city, at least for the preseut. He has made mauy friends during his stay here. - An O:'gan Concert will be held at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church next Wednesday evening, May 29. Urganists . Messrs C. Fieher, J. G.Gilchrist, H. S. Frieze,George N. Lovejoy, and J. Chase. The Presbyteriau and Germán Choirs will sing and the Y. M. M. S. Orchestra will give their assistauce. The new orgau to be tested and dedicated on the occasion was mauufactured by D F. Almandinger, ot this city:


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