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üur magazine excbanues come to our table for June os t'ollowa : Jlarper'a Magazine is rieh in illustrated papers, haring: Along the South Shore, by S. ö. W. Benjamin ; Dutch Faience, by Witt Sikes ; Tho Battle of Monmouth Court House, by Bénsoo J. Lossing; An American Sculptoi (J. Q A. Ward), by G. W. Sheldon ; and Hehgoland, the Enchauted lsle, by Marión Mitchell. The seríais are continuad, and there are three complete stories, essays, poems, etc. Harper & Brothers, New 5fork. The Atlantic Monthly has a good list oí papera. Detmold, by Biihop, is coneluded; The Imaginary Dialogue on Decorativa Art, by John Trowbridge, is a hit; Unforeseen Kegults of the Alabama Disputee, by Aithur G. Sedgwick, ia titnely ; and England on the Kails, by Richard Grant White, complimentaiy to English railway management. The other papers and poems are numerous and readable. Houghton, Osgood & Co., Boston. Scribner't Slonthly has in distinctively illustrated papers: Oeorga CruikBhank, by Russell Sturgis ; and Bird Architecture, by Thomas M. Itrewer. The Story of Lesken, by Anna Eichberg, and, That Saine Oíd Cooq, by Frank II. Stooktou, are illustrated stories, the former in silhouette. Each of the seríais, His lnheritance, by Adeline Trafton, and Roxy, by Edward Ejjgleston, approaches a crisis. There are many other papers on varied topics. Scribner & Co., New York. Tbe Eclectic Magazine has a steel portruit of Leo XIII and twelre selections i rom leadiug foreign pubheations. The American in Turkey ; Impressions of America, by Hev. R. W. Dale ; Cruikshank, by Fredk. K. Wedmore ; Future l'unishment, a series of papers on Canon Farrar'i New Book ; The ï'irst Ten Yeara of the Canadian Dominion, by Goldwin Smitli ; and, Ancient Times and Ancien), Men, by Max Muller, are the leading papers. E. R. Pelton, New York. The more noticeable papers in the Catholic World are : Thoreau aml New England Transcendentalism - iiot complimentary, Heil and Science, Relations of Judaism to Christianity, Auglicau Developineut, The Socialist Idea, and, The Future of Faith. lu ñction we hare, Conrad and Walburg, chap. ii; Kitty Darcy, aud Helen Lee. Have we a Norelist ? - juatly severe on the American norel readers, two or three other papers, and sereral poems complete the uumber. Catholic Publication Society, New York. The International Review (for May aud June) lia : Science and Theology, Ancient aud Modern, by Anthony Fronde ; The New King oí Italy and the New Pope, by Prof. Angelo de Gubernatie, oi' Italy ; Uuited States Provisional Court of the State of Louisiana, by ■Tudge Charles A. Peabody ; Reason aud Seutiment, by Henry C. Pedder; Th Bible: I, Egyptology and the Bible, by Philip Schaft' ; II. Tbe (ioepel according to John, by Lyman Abbott ; The Moral Problem, by Mark Hopkius ; and, Elementa of National Wealth, III, by David A. Well. A. S. Barnes & Co., New York. Si. Nicholas presenta a capital bilí of tare, - in picture, story, sketch, verse, etc, and the little folk, little big folk, and big httle folk, will enjoy every page. What more need be said 't Scribner & Co., New York. Tbe picturts iu the Nwsery are capital as usual ; the storiei, whether in proae or rhyme, crisp and attractive, and the wliole calculated to make the four year old laugh his (or her) heartiest laugh. John L. Shorey, Boston.


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