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An Iowa Paper On Slanderers

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Whisky nnder ordinary circumstances can, and does, do a great deal of mischief. But, wlien yon desire to fsee tho devil do his best work at torturing poor humanity, just cali and see himwhen he has turned a lot of long and limber tongues loose in a community. There is a class of creatures - hes and ehes - tbings that are neither men norwomen - they are hyenas iu human form, and they goi-ge themselves to the f uil on the fonl and fetid falsehoods that continually ooze from the slimy and stinking sewers of each other's mouths. Their daily food is falsehoo.i and filth; and the more nauseating and nasty, the more nourishing and nutritious to these gloating ghouls. Their daintiest dish is served up in its most savory manner when two or three of them meet to bandy bawdy lies about some good and virtuous girl or woman. These he-harlots of hades are always happiest when spreading the spawn of their lecherous lies over the sainted name of wife or mother, for by so doing the devilish ichor dripping from their ulcerons lips will eat through and poison the whole family. The she-scorpions are the samples which Satan's drummers have located in each village to show to mankind the meanest thing on earth or in heil - atell-taletermagant. Shutyour ears and doors against them. Let these filthy fiends feel that you loathe tliem ae you do the sow tliat is fresh from iier wallow. If the long-eared aud longtoDgaed hound comes into your presence, bid him begone and return to his vomit. Kick these skunks of society from your path. Mako them feel that they are no more welcome to your homes or in your presenco than is the bedbug or the poleeat. Show these vermin that there is no place for them in decent society, any more than theie is for the buzzard, or the bawd, or the house-iufesting bat. Sooner would we â– wclcome to our humble home a slimy snake than one of these babbling, tattling, scandal-nerving


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