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Maï Was named for the goddess Maia. Sas Fbaíícísco is crying for the bellpuncíi. On Deceöiber 1, 1877, the popnlation of Berlin numberod 1,018,818. In 1860 it was only 500,000. Take pains to keep trashy book aay from your children, eend them to schooi, and reeolutely keep them in-doors o' nights. Kinö Humbkrt has set apart $200,000 out of the Income of his civil list toward the monument to hie fatlier to be raised in Turin. When a man presents bimself bef ore a public audience it often happens that his body is inclined to siDk while his head swims. The Sultan never leaves his palace even on the shortest expedition unless he is accompanied by a wagon laden with refreshments. The New York l'resbyterian Home for Aged Women has rcceived $30,000 from a benevolent person, whose name is with held from the public. More than 10,000 men were provided with employment by the Young Men's Christian Association ín the United States during last year. A snake eight f eet in length, and which had been refreshed by swallowing thixty eggs in a house near Paris, Tenn. , was killed the other day. Ir a tai of $100 be placed on every Chinaman landing in California, the, imperial authorities at Pekin threaten to impose a similar tax on Americans landing in China. A IIttle son of Mr. Hans, living ni Lexington, Minn., while playing with hls sister, became enraged at her, and, seizing an ax, cut off both her feet, from the effects of which she died. Mr. Walter A. Wood, of Hoosic Falls, the mowing-machine man, is spoken of as the successor of Representative Martin I. Townsend from the Seventeenth New York District. Manitoba is exporting largo quantities of wheat this spring. Some of the steamers have carried as much as 100 tons at a trip. Most of it is consigned to Europe, and is shipped by way of New York. Cambeia county, Pennsylvania, boasts of a f emale butcher - a lady who not only slaughters pheep, calves, and even bullocks with her own hands, but cuts the meat and sells it from the wagon to all who wish to buy. A BaITimore mail has been arresteo. for playing ghost by dancing around at night on thfc topa of houses in his nightshirt, his object being to deprecíate property in his neighborhood so that he could buy it cheap, The Catholics have bonght 7,000 acres of land in Mecklenburgh couuty, Va., on whieh they are going to establish au industrial farm for educating freedmen. This is better than shipping them to Liberia to starve. Probablt the smallest paper in the country, if not in the worid, is published at Orlando, Fia. lts size is two and a half by three inches, and it claims a circulation of 1,200. It is printed monthly, and its name is the Florida Mite. The Turks have discovered the secret of the Whitehead torpedo írom two Russian specimens which they captured at Batoum, and are manufacttiring' them in great quantities. Otherwise they would have had to pay $125,000 for the knowledge. Tin Brown, a colored boy on the fnrm of Warren Gentry, St. Louis county, Mo. , is the possessor of a most extraordinarj pair of feet. They measure 22i inches. The heel is enormously long, extending back from the foot at least four inches. Receiver Peck, of the Chicago and Lake Hurón railroad, .has just iesued a circular, in which he offers the engineer who kills the smallest number of cattle duricg a space of six months a prize of $75, and the oue standing next upon the list a $50 prize. John Morrissey used to say that he came to Congress in order that his boy, suice dead, might claim that his fatlier was somethiug better than a gambler and prize-fighter, but that since he carne he liad made up his mind that there was very little choice. Some of tho steamers wliich run to South America keep an ice-making machine on board, which provides all the ice that is required to preserve the perishable freight that may be on board, besides making all that can bo used by passengere and crew. A woman in Huntingdon county, Pa., placed a new-born infant where the hogs were enabled to get it. The animáis would have devoured it but for the fact that its cries were heard by a lady residing in the neighborhood, "who rescued it. The inhuman mother has not been discovered. A catfish was recently caught in the Mississippi river at New Orleans, which when opeced was found to contain the 8keleton of a baby and a box of shoeblacking. The box was open, but when the blacking was tried it was found to be as good as when first bought.


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