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In Ann Arbor. on llio 18th inst., Saiiaii Kk i.ntks. only daughtcr ol Augustus R. um' Ilila Hall, ageJ five inonths :in 1 tuche days. tDewh fo'üVid siramae bcioty on tliat cherub brow, And dnsh'd it out - Thcrc was a tint of roie On clieik oiul lip, he' touchcd the veins wiih cc And ihc rose fndcd forlli; from ihose blue eyes Tliero spuke n wishful tcndcrncss - a doubt Wlicther lo grieve or sleep, which innocence Alone can woar. Witli rut!ilcs husip. lie bound The silkeli fringes of thbir Cüftnintig li V' ;Iror ever - ilicro hnI beeo n niiirmurinc snuml 'nli w hicu the babó would claim i& uiotlie( car, Chai iiiinj: her even totem--. Th6 Rfíoilcr et Hia eeiiil ol silonce. - Bat iliere bcumcd n smile'' ''So'fixèd nnd holy from thnt nmrble brów, - Death gazed, and lelt it tnere; - hc dared not steal The ring of lleaven." ín Uiis villogé on ihe I7th inst., of infiamnia tion, Ahihiii only son oí Gov'ernor, nged onc year ond five momhs. On tho I9th instant, Martij a An.n Wilmot, iged twenty yearö'.