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Tho spring has less of brightness Every year, And tho ero ow a gbostlier wbiteness Every year ; Nor do snumier's flowers quicken Nor wituinu's fruitage thirken Aa they once did, for wo Bicken Every year. It is growirg darkcr, colder, Every year, As the heart and eoul grow oidor, Evory year. 1 care Dot now for dancing, Or for eyen wiíh pasBÍon glauehifr; Lovo is less and lees entraocing Every year. Of the loves and eorrows blended, Every year ; Of the joys of iriendship ended, Every year ; Of the ties that stiïl inight bind mo UntU time to death reeigned me, My infirinities reniind me, Every year. Oh ! how sad to look before ns, Every year ; While the cloud growa darker o'er ub Every year ! When we see the blospome faded, That to bloom wemight havo aided, And immortal garlands braided, Every year, To the past go more dead faces, Every year ; Come no new ones in their placee, Every year. Everywhero the sad eyes meet us ; ïn the evouing's dnak they greet us, And to como to them entreat us, Every year. " Yoa are growing old," they teil us, " Evory year ; Yoa are more alone," they teil us, " Every year. Yon can win no new affection ; You have only recollection, Deeper eorrow aud dejection, Every year." Thank God ! no c'ouds are shif ting, Every year, O'er the land to which we're drifting, Every year. No lossea there will grieve us, Nor loving faces leave us, Nor death of friends bereavo us, Every year.


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