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The Devil's Fruit

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Potatoes were first introduced at Moscow by a Mr. Rowland, between eigbtj and ninety years ago. At first people would neither plant uor touch theni, saying they were the devil's fruit, given to him on his complaiut to God that he had no fruit, when he was told to search in the earth for sorne, which he did and found potatoes. A curious Berwickshiro legend, which, however, is palpably anachronical, attributes the introduotion of potntoes into Scotland to that famous wizard of the north, Sir Michael Scott. The wizard and the devil, beitg in partnership, took a lease of a farm on the Meitoun estáte, called the Whitehouse. The wizard was to manage the farm ; the dovil managed the capital. The produce was to ba divided as follows : The fust year, Sir Michael was to have all the t grew above the ground, and his partner all that grcw bolow ; the second year their shares were to be just theopposite way. His Satanic Majesty, as is usual in such cases, was fairly over-reached in his bargain ; for tlie wizard cunningly sowed all the land in the first year with wheat, and plantod it with potatccs the second; so that tho devil gotnothing for his share but wheat etubble and potato tops ; and this seourging rotation Sir Michael continued uutil he had not only begared his partner, butexhausted the soil. In spite of this legend, however, we must begin to give credit to Sir Walter Ealeigh for having been the introdueor of potitoes into this country] The tiist that tried them, we are told, foll into the very natural mistake of eafcing tho apples, and disregarding tho toots. - The Agricultural Magazine. Over 13,000 telephoncs are now jn operatioa ia tlie United otates,


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