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Democratic State Convention

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We have appointed Wedneaday, the lOth day of July next, at noon, i.s the tiiue, and the. Opera House, Lansing, as the place for holding a Democratie State Convention, for the purpose of noniinating kandidates for State offioeïfl, for the electiuii of a StHte Democratie Cetnmlttee, and íor the transaction of tuch othf'i' husiiH-ss a muy eome before it. Eéfíh county will be enlitlcd to fout delepates for Oach Kepi"(iiuntlivc to which, uiider the last (►- portioumeut, it is entitled in the lowAf branch of the State Lcislature, but eacli orpanizcd couniy will be entilled to at least two (ielegrttos. No county, ezcftpt thoM of the Upper Penliuula, will be entitled to i raprevéntcd by delegatee ooi residente of Btieh county. DOM M. DICKINSON, Chatrman. Wii.i.ïam B. Moka, M lbbuall L. Howeli , Thomas I. Hawucï, B. O. Bjos, Jkkomk EÜDDY, Ki.ihu B. Pokd, Okokoe P. Sandpokp, Gbobok s. Coopeh, W.T Bi eCllBRMERHOBN, M . L. (i.;K, .1 1:.. Jamks Blaik, a. M. Cl ark, E. W. HOLUKGSWORTH, R F. SPBA i Frank Crani-aii., A. 1. Swinbfobd, ll Kit A. VOSS, h" B. DODOK, Demooratlo Btete Central ( omoiitfcee.


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