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The National-greenback Platform

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Below will be found the full platform put forth by the National-GreenbackLabor Couvention held last week at Grand Rapids. lts one merit is breivity: 1. The uncoiiditional repeal of the so-called resumption act. 2. The issue of all paper money by the General (JoviTiiment only, Buch paper mouey to be a full legal tuinier lor all deuts, public and private. 3. That no more intereat-bearing bond.1 of the government of any kind or class be iasued, and that all boude how outstauding be paid aa 8peedily aa possible. 4. The enactment of such laws aa will best protect the industries of the natiou and confer the greatest good upon the greatest number. Such legisl&tiou Bhould be had that the number of hours of du 1 1 y toil be reduced, giving to the working classes more leisure for mental improvement and saving tliem from premature decay mul death. 6. The coinage of silver to be placed upon the same ├╝ooting as that of gold. 6. The repeal of the National Banking law. 7. We depr├ęcate all efforts to redroas wrong by violation ot law, and believe that through the ballot-box alone must we look for justice. 8. We demand that all goverument land be reBerved for actual settlera only. Couipared with the enunciatious made in oonvention by some of the leaders, the declarations cf the platform are exceedingly tame. In other articles we shall discuss souie ot the declarations of principies.


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