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For tbe Michigan Armjs. 1. I bi.'liove the timo has come whcn the country should establish a permanent system ot' currency. 2. I believe no SUto bas a íight to créate a currency. 3. I believe "that bank papar must be suppressed and the circulatiou restored to tbe nation to whora it belongs." 4. I believe tbe nation should coin so inuch gold as ia worth a dollar over the commercial world, and stamp it a dollar. ". I believe tho nation should coin so tnuch silver as is worth as much as such a gold dollar, and stamp it a dollar. tí. I believe tho nation should issue treasury notes to such an aniouutasuan be tioated at par such coin, not 0Xoeeding $20 per capita of our present or future populatie . 7. I believe the natiou should proTtde at leant one plaoe in eaoh State where n y holder of ttuch notes could exchange the ame tor gold and silver. 8. I bel e ve such notes so exuhangeable will always bn at par. 9. I bel ie vu such notes noed not be uiade a legal tender. 10. I bülieve the uation bas the power to make theru a legal tender for all debts con trac tod after their issue. 11. I believe that suoh a currency will be as good as the Bank of England paper, which commands a preiuium over gold in Europe and America. 12. I believe such a currency will never be in ezcess if kept at par. 13. I believe those who doubt my lust above belief should prohibit such an oxcess by au amendmont of the Constituti on. C. Josr.iN". TlIE Demócrata of the Eighth Congressional district propose to nomínate their candidato at Sagina w City, July, 11. Thkuk is uiuch of richnesM being developed before the Potter committee.


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