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The Washtenaw County Pioneer Society held its regular scssion in the M. E. Church, Dexter, June 5, the President, Judge Crane, ptestding. Prayer was offered by the Rov. J. U. Wortley. Minutes of the lost meeting were read and approml. Gen. E. Clark preseuted the name of Mrs. 51. E, Foster as Chairman of tlie Historiciil Oommittee. vvhich was accepted, and on monou of J. W. Wiug, Mrs. X. H. Pierce was elected to flll the vacaucy. Views were ïuterchanged in regard to the payof offioers, aud eapeciallyof those engnged ia the eompilation of history. At the aiternoon session Mrs. N. H. Pieroo, by invitation, read a paper eutitlecl "Tü the üld Pioneeis of Washtenaw," ior whieh a vote of thanks was extended. John Geudes read a Latter trom J. Turner Allen, of Chiei-'', ohe of he fitst re&idenrs nf Aun Arbor. M, H. (ioodiich offerad the following rusoluLions, whiuh were aduptect: Resolved, That L. Daïia and Dor Kellogg are kereby constituted a coinmittoe to arrangfc and tompile the Mark Howard donation of papers 'o the Society 'fot binding, and that they ure mt&Origed fo hav4 the sanie bound on or before ilie üext annual ineetin?. Resolved, That the Secrelary is hereby di'.teu and authönzed to dolivor all the papers I the archives of the Society, printed and in Manuscript, to the committee appointed to compile the history of VVaahtenaw Uounty, to wpublished in the second volume of Michi8o Pioneer Collectioiis, the sameto be keptin 1 place ordinarily secure from iire or other daraage. He8oiutions of synrpathy and condoleuce reig the ileaths of Mrj. Horace Carpenter, Jlrs. L. W. Blodgett, and Mis. Phelps were a''"pl.eil by u uuaüimoua standing vote aud or'cred placerl upoii the reconls i.t the Society. Un invitation John D. Doaue gave some of 't expeiieuco in pioneer life, inclading a og account of au encounter with wolves, for which a vote oí thanks was tendored. M. H. Goodrich presented an invitatiou ir'i t!iu State Pioneer Society to atteud lts estival to be held at Tecumseh, June 12. ":i motion of Floras S. Fiuley a vote ot "'auks -;:3 ton.'.ercd to the lodies and citizeni of Dexter and vicinity for the liberal provi"oiia for the comfort und onjoyment of the Soaly on the occasion. R3v. Mr. Biooka, one of the oldest colored ■■'idents of the couuty, iu response to an invitlon, made an interesting talk. Afbrflxing the date and place for the next mg for the firat MonJay in September at lelsea, Duacoa L. Mills led in singing "Near"■myOxl, to ïhse" aud "Praise God from jou i" ble9slí'3 ñow" when ths Society


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