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- The Courier asks if the Argus approves the ruiing of the Potter committee permitting the presenee of Secretary Sherman and the other implicated statesmpii, in pereon or by attoruey, but ordering " fhat comifiel can only put questions to witnesaea, through the chairman or some mombor" of the committee. Xo, we do not, - thougli even the Potter comiuittee does not seem to require all questious to be in writing, and each quetion to be ruled upon by the committee. We beiiave that eitlier Secretary Sherman's or Senator Matthews' attorney should be privileged to examine witnesses on all poiuts calliug in queution their correspondence or transactions, or involviug their repreputation, atid that oralfy and not bvproxy or through a oomniitteemaii. Is the Vouricr satisfied ? - This is the amendinent whicli tlie Judicial Coimcil of the American Medical Aseoci&tion proposed lor the benefit of the faculty of the Department of Medicine and Surgery, or for the members of it who dou't drive heretical student8 out of their lecture rooms : "Henee it will be considercd derogatory to th interests of the public and the honor of the profession for any physician or teacher to aid in any way, by medical teaching or graduation, auy person kuowiug thoni to be supporters or utouded practitionera of some irregular excluïve syatein of medicine." it' cousideration went over uutü next year under the rules, l'he members of the Couucil ardently hold bat soumi, orthodox, regular, medical instruciou is a daugerous thiug, or e]se is to be dealt out to the favored few, and perhaps in ïomeopatlüc doses. - Tiie ioilowiugbooks have beun receutly adiled to the Laches' JLibrary : lielkuap Papers, Momoira of Viscount Melbournc, Life aud Tiines of Jotui Miltou. Ths Groat Thirst Land Ub'.quc, Tender Itecollections ot Irene Macgillicuddy, Wreek of the GrosTenor, Sarcasni of Destiuy, Letters and Meiuoirs of Charlotte Uuslituan, Laudor's Imagiuary Conversations, Constantinople, by Edwardo di Annise; Tlie New Republic, or Culture, Faith and Plulosophy in an English Couutry House, by W. H. Mnlloch ; Life of MareusTullius Cicero, by VVm. Forsythe : Dinah, by Miss Waruer : Pogmmc People, by Mrs. Stowe ; Bourbon Lilies, by Lizzie Champney ; Sibyl, by Disnieli ; Tancrde, by Jliaraeh ; Couiugsby, by Disraeü ; Vision, a Study of False Light, by Dr. Edward H. Clark ; Reniiniscencea of Frederick Froetel, by the üarouws Mareuholtz. Our iiiliontauce il) the (ïreat Piazza Smytli ; What our Girls Ought to Kuow, by Dr. Mary G. Studley, Iteramos and Otuer Poems, by Longfelluw. -We permit Hou. C. Joalin, of Yisilanti, to build h3 rtnanuial phitform iii this day's Aeous. lt is ecareely ueeesaary for us to say th;ït, in utir hunibie opiuiou, lt contaius several I heretical plauks. We dou't believe iu the j coiistitutionat right of the Governmeut toiasue paper uioney, or eugage iu a banking business ; we don't believe that it should have the power or right eonüded to lt ; and couceding it the right, we dou't believe it possible tor it to float the proposed volume of treaBury notes - about $9ÜO,ÜOU,000 on our present populatiou- at par with coin. - The Aeous is requested to say that the greeabackera espect to open the campaign in this couuty both at Auu Arbor and YpsiUuti the latter part of this month, and that Gen. S. F. Caiy, of Ohio, a mau of ïuüuite windas mauy superficial or cubic inches to the acre as a western tornado - and unequalled as a political preshgiator, but not overburdeoed with financial wisdom, as chief performer. Caiy eau make as mauy assertions to the hour as auy other politcnl mountebank aud prove as few of them. - The Graphic of June 7 is at hand, with the illustratod histoiy of Auu Arbor as lts chief attraction to readers iu this vicinity. Some of the " pictures " are creditable, but otliers would be scarcely recoguized but for the index at the bottotn. Aud that is not exactly reliablo ia all cases, as it mterchanges the resideuce of Col. Burleigh and XJnivereity Hall (givmg the Col. " the biggest tbing in town "), al3o the residence of Judge Cooley and the Laboratory. - If the members of tho Diocesan Couvention held in Detroit last week bolieve in the iunooeuce and purity of their late Bishop they did a commendable act in voting him an auuual pension oí 1 1.500. But if his second resiguatiou, unconditional and without reaervation, was made at the demand ol the Standing Committee aud is to be taken, as iutimated, as a coufession of the charges agaiust him, a better iuvestmeut could have been made of the money. - The venerable citizen, acholar, poet, and editor, Williatn Cullen Bryant, died on the 2th instant, aged eighty-three years ou the od day of November last. It would be presumption in us to attempt to write the biography, portray the literary services, or eulogize the character of one who has so loug been beloved by the lovers ot a pure literature not only iu his own country but throughout the world.


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