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A "chinee" Letter

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The followiug is a verbattm copy of a letter written ín Euglish by one Chinaman to another. It carne f rom Prof. Harrington to a ínend in tilia 3ity, who think it too good to enjoy alone : Shanghai, July 4th, 1877. My Deak Beo. : I leaoh two letters frota you, thoroughtly look over it. I am very glad heard that you was obtamed a firat class tituation at Pekiug, Choongtonga jaman ; but I must to teil you be carefully to atteud to your duty of works and uppeara of your good ctiaracter to them. At the present yon may be leave away of your triendship theater man was still at Pekiug. Our achoolmate, Lee Kiaugliug, he carne to my railway office ; teil me all about oí' your doing at l'eking. Both oí us very happy to heard so news from you. We are believe you very well anti alvvays giveu hutnble words bef ore them. I had been at your house of several times. I was saw your son, Tukpan; he is diligently goiug to school day by days. Mess of yours teil me the poor little boy Tukpan was hearing ot what bis ruother told him; then he go do it, aud also her keep thetn uice clean and hair dress ready befoie gomg to school. I having not see the Tsang Fooking yet for the pawn ticket9. So soou I see him 1 well let you know it. Ou the 3Oth of June our railway manager, G. I. Monisou, Esq., had Btarded to Peking ; giva visiting to Noble Lee or Mr. Cheelok, about extinction lins to Soo Chow. Sometim83 it you :;-je Mr. Cheelok you may be telling him nbout me at Shanghai tickets oöice so and ao. or Mr. Morrison, because very soon hand over to our Chinese Company. Do VOO heard anything on thi I1113 kindly lat tno know if yon conveniently, and obliged Tours, faitlifully,


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