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' - Examinations comminoH nfxt Weducaday. - ï ha Freshraen eat their clan (opper this evening,- at HimgBterfer's. - President Angelí adilreHsed the Literary Societïes of Oberhn College on Mouriay eveiiiag last. - That match gama witli tlie Mutual ut Jacknon was bustert by last Friday attemnon' rain-storm. - The Fresbytarians of Marshall iiave ín - vited Prof. D'Ooge to preach tor them duriii tlie sumiller vacatton. - W. W. Augur has declineil to marshal the Seniora on Commencement day, and C. M, Cooley has been ppoiuted in his place. - One of the events of Commencement week will be a reunión of the class of '7öi - at Hing9terfer's, Wednesday eveutng, June 26. - The class of '58 will hold a reunión Uommenccment week. This clas9 graduated 2!) bachelors of arte and 18 bachelors of science. - Next Wednesday, June 19, President Angell will address the first graduating class of the Michigau Military Academy at Orchard Lake. - The Whituey Coucert Compmiy will appear in UniTeraity Hall on Monday erening of Commenoement under the auspice ot the Seniora. - "Walk ou the walks" is the iujuuctiou tliat the Chronicte givcs to studeuts wlio don't lind a twelve-foot walk broad enough for their meanderings through the oampus. - A reuuion of the Literary Adelphi Society is to be held on Mondny evening of CommeDcement week. E. D. Kinne, Esq., ot this city, is to give au historical address. -Prof. Gatchell, oL the Homeopathie Cullege, Las been appomted a delégate trom the National Medical Aasoctation to the VVorld's Couventioti at Paris, to be held August 6. - New Alpha Nu officer : President, (Jeo. D. Wight, 79 ; Vice-Presidnt, J. W. McKenley, '79 ; Senior Critic, Frauz Coe ; Junior Critic, O. ï. Huut ; Secretary, F. P. Boughton, '81 ; Librarían, E. G Wilson, '81 ; Assistant-Librariau, Nat. (iunter, '81. - The Sophoniore supper was eateu on ï'riday evening laat. Tbe literary exercisea were: Uratiou, by D. Felmley; poeiu, by A. J. Potter: history, by F. U. Myrick; prophecy, by J. i. Abel; address by Ulass Presidout, VV. 1). VVashburn. Toast-master Sherrill presided at the n fter-feast, and a decidedly poetical list of toasts was annouaceil and responded to as followa: The Class of '80- "Not yet mature, vet matchlss: Firin of woul; öpeakin in deeds, anti deedless in his tongue; Not soun provokcd, nul-, being jrovt)ked, soon calm'd." By C. 8. Mitchell. Oür Professors- "Unrivalled as their iiierit, or tliL-ir fame." By E. M. Brown. The Ladies of thk Cx.ass - "May we kiss whom we pleaáe, and pleasf whoni we kiss." By G. M. Gillette. '81- "Fire in each eye, aud papers in each imnd. They rave, recite, and mariden 'round tlie lami." By A. 8. Iteacon. Thk Boys of thk Class- "Be to their virtues vcry kind, Be to their faulls a little hllnd." By Alice Van Hoosen. The Oeaclk- "Some said, 'Jolin, print it,' others said, 'uot so;' 8ome said, 'it inight do good,' others said, 'uu ' " By K. F. Reed. Junior Ease Hrwi Do as yoit Pi.eask- "till iiiereasing; never peasiog, moves the mighty measured tide, 'Gulfing nations, creeds and ktngdomii, taitti and ianuy, power and pride.'1 By .1. A. Callaliau.


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