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Acitnou-ledginents. The uflicora aml membors ot tha Ladiea' Cliaritahle Union üesire to return hearty thauks to the Baptist and I'rosbyterian Churchea for thcir vory liberal contribution to the treasury of the Union. June 12, 1878. MRS. C. G. CLAltK, President. - The members ot the Lmclloy Miísbíuu Circle desire to expresa their thanks to Mr. atul Mrs. J. Austin Soott and all the other frioncis vvho so generously assisted at their Livrn Festival Saturday, January 8th, 1878. Aun Albor, June, 13. LOIST. ANGELL, Secretar}í'unctuality, accuraey, atoad fastncas, dispatch and purity are excellent habits. Smith's salera! US has thera all well developed. "Wheu used. properly, it attends strictly to business, and U ptrnctual, ac cúrate, steady and pure. Expansión aud dispatch are lts best holds. Always fnll weight. Only % as much as of any othor brand. Manufacturad by HENRY S. SMITfí & CO.. Grand Rapuls, Mich. 50,000 I.tllir and Xote 11. just recelid at the AKGliS Offlef, 'w i I lie ;ini to hand iu your orl"--. PhotographE are $1 per dozeu at Stahk's oír. Uuiversity letter and Note IIxikIk, with and without Cuts, in Hodder'g l'nl ;nt Blotting Pad Covers- 100 and 130 shets in H book- for sale at the ARGUS Orftce. Old Conohess, fine cut, ío uiade fí-om tbc most choice selection of leal' and is the Vcbt. Ti y t. For sale by Kdwanl DmlV and J. Vi', llangsicifer A ('o. Ii;9:'im3 QlJEnv : "W'liy will meu smoke otinimou toKaeeo when tht-y can liuy Marburg Bros. ' Smi 'o JVortli Carolina,' at the same price?" 1G68 Soldiers of the war of 1812, by an act of M; 9, 1878, are entitled to a pension by proving fourteeu days service, or whg were engaged in any battle and were houorably dicharged, or the survivng widows of such soldiers. March 21, 1878. JOHN N. GOTT, Pension Agent, Ann Arbor, Mich. An Astonishing Fact. A large proportion of the American people are to-day dying from the eífects of DyBpepfcia or dis_ ordérod liver. The resuit of these diseases ujjon tho masses of intelligent and valuable people is most alanninff, making Ufe actually a burden i:istoad of a ploasant existciice ot' enjoyment and usefulnesaas it ought to ee. There is no g-ood rcaaoil for this, if you wíll only throw aside prejudioe and skcpticisiu, tako the advice of Druggist and your friends, aud try oue bottle of Grcen's August 1-lowrr. Your speedy relief is certaiu. MiUioiin of bottlea of this medicine have been given away to try its virtues, with. satisfactory results iu every case. Yoa can buy a sample bottle for 10 cents to try. Three doses will relieve the worst case. Positively sold by all Diiiggists on the Western Contiuent. 1678


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