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The Franking Privilege In The Senate

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In the United States Seuate, recently, the Route bill bting nader consideration, Mr. Christiancy submitted an amendmeint restoring the frnnking privilege to the President and Vice President of the United States, Senators, Representativos and Delfgatés in Congress, the Secretary of the Sonate and Olerk of the Honse of Representativos for all public business, and it was rejected - ycas, 29 ; nays, 29. After somo lurther discussion, Mr. Paddock rene wed the amendment restoring the franking privilege to all those named in the amendment of Mr. Chrietiancy, so as to allow them to send and receive through the mails written and printed Communications not exceeding two ounces in weight. Mr. Dawes submitted an amendment to strike out the words "and reoeive," so that they should send only communications through the mails, etc. Agreed to. Mr. Spencer submitted an f.mendment to increase the weight of such communications to two and a half ounces. Agreed to. The question then being on the amendment of Mr. Paddock as ameuded, it was agreed to - yeas, 20 ; nays, 19 - as follows : Yeas - Anthony, ISluiiio, Biirnsidc, Butler, Cbrititiancy, Conover, Dawes, Dennis, JJorsey, Gordon, Ramlin, Hul, Iloar, Kellogg, Lámar, Paddock, Spencer, Teller, Windom, Withers- 20. Naya - ArnistronR, Bailey, Bayard, Beek, Booth, Cameron (Wis.), Cockroli, Coke, Ferry, Hereford, Kerniin. Maxey, Mer.'imon, Oglesby, l'lumb, Ilollins, Thurman, Voorhee. Wadleigh- 19. The question then being on the passage of the bill as amended, Mr. Thurman ss-id he thought the best thing to do was to kill the bill and then we could put a pont-route bill in properform. The bill was then read a third time and paa3ed - yeas, 24 ; nays, 15.


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