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Jeff Davis' Luck

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Jeff Davis lias como into possession of a very comfortable fortune by a decisión of tlio Mississippi Court of Appeals. Tho history of the case is RÍcguíar and compücated. Over fifty years ago Davis' older brother, Josepb, acquired possession of Briersfield plantation in Warren county, wbieh, viith its ceighbor Hurricane, now comprises a large, island produced by a cut oíf of the Mississippi river. When Jeff Davis lcft tho army, his brother invited him to turn planter there, and he cultivated Briersfield for many years, makirg enotfgh out of it to pay his brother its full value, though the formal titlo for some imexplained reason was liever tranfferred. While tbe President of the Confederacy was a prisoner at PortressMonroe, his brother, then over 80 ye:".rs of nge, sold his ivholo estato to a negro, who had long been his eilief manager, for #300,000, payable on long time. Then lie made acomplioated will, in which he left nothing to his brother, but bequeathed $80,000 to the latter's children when thvj should become of age - which will not be for soven years in the caso of the youngest. As he left evidenoe that Jeflf Davis had paid the full value of the estáte, the lattcr brought Buit to re-establish his titlo, which has now been decided in bis favor, and he flnds himself "quite well off," instead of leading a lito of genteel poverty.


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