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Hints About Water

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No water that has stood in open vessels during the night should be Ueed for drinking or cooking. By exposuro to the air it has lost its "aeration," and has absorbed many of the duBt-germs íloating in the npartment. If eonvenience reqnires water to be kepfc íq vessola for scvoral honra before use, it should bo covered, uniese tho vessels are tight. Wh ere ver practical, all distributing reaeiïoirfl shoulJ be covered. Filtering always adds to the purity of water. Driuking water ahould not be taken irom lakes or rivera ou alow lovel. Surface water, or water in laken, pools or rivera wliich roceive the snrfaco wash, should be uvoided as much as possible. Do not drink much water at a time. Moro than two tumblcrs full should not be taken at a meal. Dj not drink between meáis mdess to queneh thirst, bs cxcesB of water weakens the gastrie juico and ovorworks the kidneys. Exoessive potations, whether of water or other fluid, relax the stoniaeh, impair its gecretione, and pamlyze it-s movepen'.B. By drinking little at a time the in jury 9 nvoided.


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