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Very unexpectedly to us, we find this number of the Signal filled chicfly with long articles, to the exclusión of most of our usunl batch of news. But we will rrmkeamends neSt week. An edilor is obliged to tnko matters and events as they come. He can no more anticípate the doings and tlüs no'ions of unstable and rrfiactory world tlian he cantl.oseof ihe weather. Mr. Greely's article on LandTcnurcs is well written, and has suggestions worthy of much consideration. But we have not yct cxamincd his new doctrines enough to have a fi.xed and positive opinión respecting them. We publish the article for general information, and in compliance with the request of sundry subscribers. We except to so much of Bro. Treadwell's communication as impliedly attributes to us, Mr. Goodell, &c. the assertion that "chattel slavery can never be abolished in this country except by the present Liberty party obtaining the numerical power of the nation." We have never made such an assumption, nor have wescen such á position taken by any olher person : and we have read on this subject considerably. Our position was and is, that Slavery would be abolished by some politica! party : and that party might be the Liberty party, if it would pursue the course we pointed out : otherwise, not. But as it is now perfecily plain thal the Liberty party, as a whole, will not pursue such a coürse, further discussion of the matter unnecessary. Our opinions of the result consequent upon their refusal to také the proper'grounds of a national party have not changed. They are on record and we believe will be verified by the future. In the mean time, we shall watch with a vigilant eye the political developmentá vhich are already opening upon us. Read the article on the War, and you willgeta tolerable idea of the present state of things.