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Carver, The Marksman

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A Cleveland Leader reporter recently called upon Dr. William F. Carver, the great rifle shot, and bad a long talk with him on matters connected with his early life. He possesses a wonderful history that is íull enougli of material for the framewcrk of a good drama, without going into the realms of imagination or wandering from the paths of truth. The Indiana title him "Evil Spirit," on account of his great accuracy with the rifle. Never missing his object, they could not understand how it was possible for one to be so deadly in aim without possessing some supernatural power. Oarver's life has been one of thrilling adventures. Oaptured by the Indiana when only 4 years oíd, he never had an equal among the savage tribes that taught his hands their cunning, and helped to traiu the steady nerve and physical force that is his birtlmg'ht. When 15 years of age, the tribe held a council, and declsred hini the medical man of the entire Dakota nation, which position he occupied for sjx years, and received in that way the title of doctor. After leaving the Indiana he went to school in a small town in Illinois, where he remained four years. The inclination being strong upon him to return to his former associates and pastimes, he betook Mmself once more at the end of that time to the plains, and soon became famous as a hunter of buffalo, elk and the abundance of wild game that infest the frontier. He saya that lie has killed more buftalo on one run, solely anj alone, than any party of hunters. In the f all of 1866 he rescued two ladies from a small band of Comanches, for which he was highly commented on by the entire Western press. He acquired the reputation of a phenomenal shot at the early age of 7 years, when he was known to briug down a bluejay on the wing with a rifle. As a result of constant practice in this particular line, together with his good habits, muscular forra and unerring nerve, the acquirement of his wonderfnl skill ia attributed. He has achieved most flattering suecess wherever he has appeared to give an exhibitíon on his way Easit. At Omaha lie surprised his spectators by killing three teal ducks while flying in succession. At Detroit, he appeared on the Hamtramck race track, and, while shooting at glass balls, a swallow flew within range of his unerring gun. The crowd had become so sanguine of his ability that they cried out, "Shootit," and they were not disappointed when the man leveled his rifle and brought the luckless bird to the ground. Dr. Carver stauds six f eet two inches in height, with a frank and pleasing faje. He has a pair of keen, restless eyes, which gives him a wonderful quickness and precisión in sighting. He weighs 196 pounds, and is 38 years of age. He intenda making a tour of the world.


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