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Around the Farm. Be shy of patent, high-priced Implements of all kiDds. Manï farmers in Indiana liave planted f rom four to six acres each in artichokes for hogs. Ip farmors would dress their land better they wculd Boon be able to dress their families better. Everybody should keep this important truth fülly engraven on his mind - a poor tooi or a poor team is always dear at any prico, and is one of the sure signs of mismanagement and poverty of soul. Men who have farmed for eighty years almost universaily testif y that they learned more of the business in the last forty than in the first forty of their lives. And yet many think it is easy to learn farming. " Look where you will on the farm, whether i,t its fru'it gardens, grains, or animáis, we shall flnd that -whatever reaches the highest fitness for itfl destined purpose is beautiful ; and whatever f ails of fitness is simplyugly." - Welsh. President Wilder, of the American Pomological Society, says he should never use tar ot any kind as protcction against miee without first wrapping the stem of the tree in cloth or other material to keep the tar from contact with the bark. Cases frequently occur wherc a man who is too lozy to farm quits and becomes a very euocessíul preacher. But it never occurs where he is too indolent to prench that he ever becomes a successful farmer. That rule will not work both ways. Those who are using up their farms by constant cropping should study the fate of those republics that once gemmed the shores of the Mediterranean, whose very names are almost forgotten. Their fate can be summed up in a few words. Their lands were worn out by bad farming. - Des Moines Register. SALT in the Garden. - If cabbages de not head properly, a pinch of salt to each head will be beneficial, or, better, give tbem a slight watering at night with weak brine - say one table-spoonf ui of salt to one gallon of water. This may be repeated later in the season. A single watering with quite weak brine is also excellent for watermelons, about the time the fruit is setting. - Spring field Union. A WELii-KNOWN horticultural editor says the objection against watering when the sun shines on the plants is a purely theoretical one, and appears only in the writings of those who have but littlo actual experience. Nevertheless, the evening is the proper time for watering when the best resulta in the conservation of moisture are expected. Actual experience has taught that plants wilting from the effect of heat should be shaded as well as watered. Experience has also taught that superficial waterings do but little good. The water given should reach the roots of the plants. The great objection to watering under a hot sun is that the exhalation is so strong that much of the water given is quiekly evaporated. -Prairie Farmer. Pebiods or Gestation in Domestío Animals. - With the larger animáis the periods vary materially. Age appears to have some inflnence, old animals usually going longer than young ones. The popular notion that males are carried longer in the womb than females ife not borne out by our observations. In the case of mares the variation is greatest, and with cows next, decreasing as we descend tho scale of sizes and periods. The loDgest and shortest periods of gestation and inoubation given in the annexed table are of rare occurrence : A verane. Known Umus. Animal. Da;;. J)ays. Mar6 340 2Uto9 Cow ...275 246toS20 Kwe Ué 144tol61 Sow ....122 101 tol23 Goat' 156 ISO to 163 Bitt:::;::: ? j Oat 60 47 to 56 Rabbit" 28 Mto 35 Turkcv 31 2Gto 32 en i........ 21 18to 24 Swa..'. 35 35to 42 Goo8o 30 -J8to 34 Duck 23 24 to 30 Pea hn".V. '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'..'.' 28 27 to 29 l'igí-on 16 l5t0 1T - Exchc. je. About the House. WAsnrca Fluid.- Half a poundof sal soda, qu uter of a pound borax djs■tolved in cce gallon of hot soft water; let it settle; pour off in bottles; one gill af this mixture with a pint of soft soap, or half a bar of soap dissolved in hot -water, is enough for a washing. Strawberry Shobtcake (Sweet). - Two cupfuls of flour, one oupful of sugar,, one cnpful of sweet milk, one egg, two teaspoonfuls of baking powder, two table-spoinfuls of melted buttori bake in jelly pans in two or three cakes, as desired. Johnnx Cake. - Take a pint of sonr milk, break an egg into it, stir in a spoonful or two of flour and add Indian meal enough to malie a thick batter; put in a teaspoonful of salt, stir it five minutes, then add a heaping teaspoonful of soda dissolved in hot water; bake in a pan or on a griddle. Paint fob Floors.- There is but one paint suitable for floors, and that is French ocher. First, if the boards have shrunk, clean out the joints well, and, with a small brusb, give a heavy coat of boiled linseed oil; then putty up solid. Now paint the whole floor with a mixture of much oil and little ocher for the first coat; aftel it is well dried, give two nioro coats of much ocher and little oil; finally, finish with a coat of firstrate copal varnish. - Ohio Farmer. To Benovate Black Merino. - Kip tlio dress apart; then soak the goods in warm soao-suds two honra; dissolveone oiinco of extract, of logwood in a bowl of warm water, add sufneient warm water to cover the goods, which is to be taken from the suds without wringing; let the drees stand in the water all night; in the morning rinse in several waters without wringing in the last water; add one pint of sweetmilk; iron whilo damp; it will look like new. Mutton Stbw.- Take three pounds of breast or neck of mutton, cut in pieces, put in a stew-pan with just enough water to cover, adding a pinch of salt; let it stew gently for one hour, skim olï all the fat; peel and slice six potatoes and four onions, then sprinkie and put all the ingredients into another stew-pan in layers, first a layer of vegetables, then one of meat, and sprinkie seasoning of pepper and salt and savory bet ween eacn layer; cover closely, and let the whole stew very slowly for one hour, shaking it frequently to prevent its burning. This is a gooti dish for a family dinner, and is easily made. Piaster of Paris as a Cement. - It is a good plan to keep a box of piaster of paris in the house. Be sure and set it where no water can be spilied upon it. If the bmner of a lamp becomes loosened, mix up a little with water and put around the glass top of the lamp, then put thi brass on. The whole operiition should bc performed as quicily as possible, for the piaster hardens almost instantly. A board or aomc dish you will not wish to use again will be the best thing to mix the piaster on, as it is almost impossible to use it after it sets. Where there are cracks, or large, unsightly nail-holes in the wall, piaster of paris may be used to iill them up. - tS'pringfttld Union. At the recent meeting of the Keely motor stockholders ouo of the number stood at the hcad of the stairs and greeted each of his f Buñ'erers with the cheerful remark, " I'm a victim. Hcre's another victim, We're all votimB,"


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