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Democratic County Convention

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A Democratie County Convention will be held at Hmigsterfer's Hall, iu the City of Ann Arbor, on TUESDAY, JULY 2, 1S78, a 11 o'clock a. M., to elect twelve delegates to a State Couvention to be held at Laosing on the lOth day of July. Alsotoelect ant-w Coanty Committec and traosact suoh other business aamayoome before it. Every townsbip and waurd Bhould be fully.repreMBtod. Each township and ward will be entillfxl lodcto. gates as follows : Ann Arbor City PittaBeld, 8 lat Wanl, 3 Salem 4 M " 3l8aliiu-, n 3d " SScio, 4th " í Sharon , i 5th " 2 Superior, 4 6th " 2 Sylyan, i Ann Arbor Town. 3 Webster, ï Augusta, 4 York 5 Bridgewator, 4 Ypsilanti Town 4 Dexter, :i Ypsilanti Cilv Free4om, 1 lst Wtd, ' 2 Lima, 8 2d '■ 2 Lodi, 4 S1 '■ Í Lyndon, -f 4ih " 2 Manchester, 6 "'ib " 4 Northfield, 4 By order of thr Dentocretic County Committee, CUAS. H. KKHMOXD. E. B. Posd, Secretary. Chairman. Üated, Ann Arbor, June 12, 1878.


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