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The National-greenback Candidate

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lor Congress in the Tmrd district - the man who was too many for Bro. Willard, - is a farmer and a luoney leuder, - a bloated land and money capitalist. His name ït is Dawson. Hon. Ferris 8. FlTCH, of Bunker Hill, Ingham County, a well-to-do farmer and well knowü Democrat, will be presented to the State Convention as a candidate for Governor, the Ingham delegates having been so instructed by the county couvention. Gex. Cary unburdened himself to a fair-sized audience at the Opera House on Monday evening, - finance and greenbacks being his thetne. His argumenta - if assumption, assertion, and speculatiou may be dignified by that name - will come under notice hereafter. Preceding the speech a Mr. Hewitt, of Adrián, read the Grand Rapids platform, and during the speech gave the signáis for applause. The speaker was introduced by Dr. Thomas, the NationalGreenback candidate for Congress in thia district. The National Greenback platform artopted at Grand Rapids deuiands the repeal of the national banking law, and now it is reported that "Saleratus" Smith, the National Greeu back candidate for Governor, is a stockholder in one of the Grand Rapids natiuiial banki, which if true shows that in business matters he is wiser thau in his the taking of semi-annual ten percent interest by Moses W. Field proves him to be both a dishonest politiciau and a " shylock." SlNCE the passage of the silver remonetization bill the coinsgeof the "dollar of the daddies" aggregates $8,070,747, of which $7,020,011 still remain in the several treasury vaults. There aeems to be no demand for the new coin and no legitímate way of getting it into circulation. Bankers and nierchants and business men won't give give greenbacks for it, the "gold-bugs" perversely prefer to hold on to thir gold, and the government agents won't or oan't lend it to the people on their notes. Congress will have to pass a bill at its next session for giving the stuff away or provide new vaults for storing it. That plaything of the Congressional demagogue- the eight hour law, or ten hours' wages for eight hours' work - was adopted by the National-Greenback Convention at Grand Rapids, sugar coated in this language : "Such legislation should be had that the nuuber oL hours of daily toil be reduced, giving to the working classes more leisure for mental improvement and social enjoyraent, and saving them from premature decay and death." A laudable end no one will question, but how can Congress or the State Legislature fix the number of hours this, or that or the other man need work to supply the wants of himself and family ? or tho wages that shall be paid him for the labor of an hour or a day in this, that, or the other profession, trade or employment? Can the large inanufacturer who must give from twelve to eighteen hours every day to the man agement of his business - the severest kind of labor- work his factory.meohanics or employés on the eight hour plan without a reduction of wages, unless he charges excess in cost of production and interest on idle capital, iusuring a great incroase in the cost of his fabrics ? Can the farmer, who has to get up at the hour of 4 in the morning and work until after dark pay full wages to farm hands who will begin work at 8 a. m. and knock off at 4 p. m., paying full wages, unless Congress or the Legislature will guarantee him an increased price for his wheat and corn and cattle and other producís? The law-making power is powerless to regúlate either the wages or the hours of work of any except employés of the government - federal, state, or municipal, - and while we should rejoice to see the burden lifted from the laboring man, his hours of toil lessened and his wages increased, the law can no more do it than it can make the vicious virtuous, the lazy industrious, the thriftles prosperous, the ignorant intelligent, or the earth a paradise. The laber plank of the NatioualGreenback platform is the plank of the demagogue, and farmers and mechanics aud thrifty laborers should refuse to indorse it and withhold their votes froui the oandidates placed upon it.


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