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- Postoffice houiB on Fouith of July : from 10 to 10.30 a. m. and from 7 to 8 a. m. - Vpsilanti contributes 1,630 ñames to Pray's Directory. So says the Commercial. - II. Goodspeed has the contract for the new Fourth ward achool house at Ypsilanti, at 13,150. -The first freight for thia city, was received over the Toledo ifc Ann Arbor Railroad on Kriday last. p- Delay in gettiug in the turn-table on Thursday delaj'ed the departure ot the Toledo excursionista until 8 p. in. - The election of officers of the Reform Club took place on Wednesday evening, the ' nld ofticers were re-elected. - Mra. Mary T. Lathrop, of Jackson, will ildress the Retorm Club on Sunday next, at at o o'clock p. m., at the Opera Houae. - The case ot The Feople vs. Cook (the Salino murder case) was held over for decisión until the next term of the Supreme Court. - Over 50 tickets were sokl for the train leaving on the Toledo and Ann Albor road ■fhursday afternoon,- mostly to stndanta'soing o?er the Wabash road. - The Maeunerchor excursión to Toledo on Tuesday last uumbered betweeu (iOO and 700. Better time was made both iraya than by the Red Kibbon excursionista. - A meeting of the creditors of Calvin and Gilbert Bliss is to be held at room 53, Seitz building, Detroit, July 10, at 2 o'clock p. tn., to insider a proposition for compositions. - The Rev. Mr. Boyden, of Ypeilanti, was the speaker at the Reform Club meeting last Sunday iifternoon, in place of Mr. Gibsou, of Jackson, who was unable to meet his engagement. - The wool market shows a little more activity. Mack & Schmid report a tmrchase of ibout 25,000 pounds, and Bach & Abel give the same figures, or 60,000 in all. The ruling price is 28 cents. - A mail car has been attached to the Grand Bapids train east and carries a way mail which doses at 10 a. m.; also to the Jackson train west - the mail closing at ö p m. A decided accommodation. - The Ypsilanti Home Association recently held its twenty-first annual meeting, electing Mrs. John Gilbert President, and Mrs. H. E. Irtckinson Secratary. During the year the usociation expended $145.95 in relieving 83 i&milies. - The Ypsilauti Commercial : " Our new treigbt house is faat approaching completion. The toundation and walls are strong enough (ora six-story building, and without doubt' when done, ït will be the most substantial structure in town. - Last Friday evening Ann Arbor Encampuient No. 7, 1. O. O. F., electert the tollowlng otlicers : Chief Patriarch, Dr. P. B. Rose ; High Priest, O. H. Manly ; Senior Warden, Michael Staebler ; Junior Warden, John O. [t ; Scnbe, V. G. Terry ; l'ieasurer, T. R. Amsdeu. - The atteution of iiuiltleia 9 invited to the adtertiaement in another colamn headad building Froposals." It ia the intentiou of the School Board to hav the addition ready for use at the opening oi the fall term. It will furaish mnch needed seat room in the snuthern portion of the city. - U. W. Lawton, the ürat superintendent of tha public schools of this city, and now superintendent of the Jacksou schools, attended the raduating exercises of our High School on Friday last and the reunión of the alumni in the ívening. He received a hearty greeting from hiaold pupils and friends. - The Reform Club excursionista to Toledo -June 30 - numbered between 1,300 and 1,400 when they reached Toledo. They received a hearty weicome from ofücials, hrothera of the Red Kibbon fraternity, and the Toladoans generally. About $100 are reported the net profits of the excursión. -At the last meeting of the LadieH' Temperance Union it was proposed that the ladies should sell lunches, ice cream etc. ou the coming Fouith of July. A meeting was appointed for Saturday at 1 p. in. at the club room to consider the project, and it is hoped all who are interested will attteud. - Bro, Pattison, of the Commercial, snys : "Strawberries grow big this year. Wm. Cross showed us a box averaging 3 1-2 inches in circumference. A. S. Gardner, on the piains, preaented us a box that went half an inch better." That'a no great shakes : in this vicinity the boxes average ó inches in diameter, tud some of them will go 6. - Mrs. Mary E. Foster, E. E. Beal, J. E. fleal, and E. F, Macfc sailed from New York yesterday on the steamer Sueria of the Hamburg American Line. They go in the party of Proi. Lodeman, oí "psilanti, Mísb C. F. Kerr, ot Albiou, daughter of Alex. Kerr, ot Lodi, goes with the same party. The party will number 13 ladies and 12 gentlemen. - Col. Withington succeeded in arranging the " little onpleasantness " m Compauy A. The charges against the recalcitrant members &re to be withdrawn, the members are to all turn out on the glorious Fourth, Capt. Bevenaugh is to liquídate hls iudebtedness to the Company, and then he ia to resign on or before October 1. This ia perhaps the best way out of the difficulty, but is it exactly subsersive of military discipline ? - A lodge of the Ancient Order of United Workinen wa? instituted in this city on Mon4y evening last, with the following officera: P. M. W., W. J. Herdmau ; M. W. Charles M. Joues ; Foreman, Charlee H. Manly ; Overseer, Michael Fleming ; Recorder, C. B. Davison ; Financier, Wm. G. Doty ; Receiver, V. R. Waterman ; Guide, Byrou J. Corbin ; I. W., D. C. Fall ; O. W., John P. Little ; Trustees, J. F. Lawrence, B. F. Watts, D. M. Caldwell. - Ann Arbor Lodge, No. 21Ó, Knighta of Honor, elected the following oflicers ou Tuesday eveniug ; John P. Little, Dictator ; Daniel M. Cadwell, Vice Dictator ; Charles H. Manly, AsBiataut Dictator ; Charles B. Davison, Reporter ; Fred Sorg, Financial Reporter ; Isaac C. Handy, Treaaurer ; Walter H. Jackson, (Jhaplain ; George W. Cook, Gaide ; Wm. Merrithew, Guardian Thomas Taylor, Sentinel; B. F. Watts, Past DictatDr ; Trustees, James Boyd, Charles M. ones, John M. Burleigh. - Several passenger conches carne over the f. fc A. A. R. ou Thursday, with the Toledo guests of Gov. Ashley, noaiiy 400 in number, iccompanied by a band and a can nou. They were met at the toot of Liberty street and escorted to the Umveisity, aud after tlie exercisea in the hall were luuched on the campus, n'ny citizens takiog their dinuer with them. The committee who had the matter in charge re entitled to great credit for the energy and peraeverance with which they accompliahed 'heir work. Aiter the diuuer, speeches were made byjudge Lawrence, Hon. J. B. Alley, -the floancial backer of the euterprise, - Ext-v. Ashley, and James Brown, of the Toledo ''ar. Mr. Alley gave an assurauce of an early etension northward provided the citizens long the line would show sufficieut desiru in (uarantee of matsrial aid


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