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- The Michigan Central Railroad directora and officera elected at the annual stockholdera meetiug held in Detroit on Monday last are Director, William H. Vandei bilt, Corneliu Vanderbilt, Samuel F. Barger, William K Vauderbilt, and Edwin D. Worcester, all o New York ; Anson Stager, of Chicago ; Ashle Pond, of Detroit ; and William L. Scott, o Erie. President, William H. Vanderbilt Secretary, E. 1). Worcester ; Treasurer, Cor neliuB Vanderbilt: Executive Committee W. H. Vanderbilt, Augustus Schol!, Cornelina Vanderbilt, Samuel F. Barger. - It does u't seem exuctly riglit that one man or one party should control two paralle railroads runniug through this State, witl their lateral branches, and thus preven healthy competition, and therelore busines men and the general public will wnit witl considerable interest and anxiety the develop ment of Mr. Vanderbilt's plans, - he haring gobbled up the Michigan Central Railroad on Monday, electing an eutirely new board o directora by a vote of 99,66 shares agaiust ■)4,12o given tor the oíd directora. - The late Wiliiam Cullen Bryant left ai estáte valued at about (350,000, all of wluch save four acres of land and 18,000 he willed to his two daughters, Mrs. I'urta Oodwin aud Miss Julia T. Bryaut. Either daughter dyirig childless the aurvivor takea her interest, and husbauds are to be given no control. It is a matter of surprise that Mr. Bryaut did nol make any bequest of a charitable uature. - Omu S. Gulley, oue of Detroit's iutelliHnf. and prominent citi.ens and leading job irioten, died on the 20th inst., aged ü years. t was our fortune to have t%n acquaiutance ol ong standing with the deceased, aud it ia our privilege as well as ulensure to my that his death is a serious loss to the "craft" i Detroit aud the State. - We are indabted to Dr. Foster JPratt, oi Calamazoo, for a copy of his very able address n "The Legal Relations of the Insana," devered at the recent session of the State Medcal Society held at Lansing. - Mississippi's colored Seuator, B. K. Bruce, Wiis uiarricd at Cleveland on the eveuiug of June 24, to Mis Josephine B. Wilaou, and sailed for Europe on Weduesday.