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- Rev. O. H. Brigham haviug abandoned all hope of boing able to return to this city and resume bis labore with the Unitarian Churoh, and iormiilly tendered hia resignation, a meeting of society and congregation was held last Sunday after the morning service, and the following resol ution uiianimously adopted : Resolved, That we deeply regret the uecessity which has obliged Mr. Bnghara to sever the pastoral connectiou which he has held with this chiirch for so mauy years. We have preferred to indulge the hope that his euforced quiet and hls mabihty to engage in active duties would be of short duration, and that ho would soon be able to return to the held of usetulness in which he has served with fidelity, ability and success. We feel under a deep sense of obligation to him for the zeal and earne8tnes8 with which he has labored to advance the cause of liberal Christianity, not only among as, but also throughout the State and the West. This influence has not been limitad to any narrow sphere, and his preseuce will long be missed by a much larger community than the congregation to which he regularly ministerad. He will be missed, not alone trom his accustomed place in the pulpit ou the Sabbath, but to au equal degree from our week day gatherings, our social festivals, and from homes. We wiüh to extend to him as a society, and as individuáis, our heartfelt sympathy in thia time of affüction, and to assure him that he has our hopes and prayers for a rapid restoration to health and activity. - The orgau concert at the Congregational Church ou Monday evening was voted a success, and rouuy compliment were bestowed upou organista and singers. Net proh't unreported. - We are advised that the item in the Abous of last week saying that the Rev. Mr. Hosmer would probably fill the pulpit of the (" nitarian Church the coming year was premature : in fact that no negotiations bave been opaned with that gantUman m yet. The High Íichool-Closing Kxorciaes. Another prospero year of the High Schoo carne to a close on Friday last, with the exer cisea of the graduating class which took place at 10 o'clock a. m. ,in accordance with the Sollowing programma : Music by the Detroit Opera House Band. Prayer by Her. J. H. Allen. MllblC. 1. Utility of Dissontent, E. L. Cole, Anu Arbor. 2. Personal Power, Mittie M. Cartis, Saginaw City. 3. Brain and Brawn, A. M. (Jelston, Ann Arbor. 4. Were the " (Jood Old Times " Mythical f K. F. Mack, Ann Arbor. Music. ó. Dick Steelo, Lodorsca A. Swift, Anu Arbor. 6. Chivalry and Puritanism, J. J. A. Murphy, Lyons, III. i. Eldorado. Jeunie Sweetser, Port Huron. 8. Richelieu, T. W. Sargent, Piketon, O. Music. 9. National Character and National Prosperity, J. Mc. Smith. 10. Shadows, Almira Sutton, Northtield. 11. Agassiz, A. N. Taylor, Portland, N. Y. 12. Alone, Mattie Tenney, Ann Arbor. Music. 13. The Revival of Learniug, E. E. White, Millur'a Comerá, N, Y. 14. Ingeuium Rude, Eruia Wilao, Port Baron. I6i The Ancient Drama and the Modern Novel, F. L. York, Dentón. After which Superintendent Perry proatmted diplomas to the graduates as iollows: CLASSICAX COUBSK. B. S. Benuett, T. W. Sargent, A. S. Thompaon, Sumuer Colllns, H. A. Skidmoro, E. E. White, H. A. Fitzsimmons, Jennie Sweetser, Erma Wilson, A. M. Gelstou, A. N. Taylor, F. L York, J. J. A. Murphy, Mattie Tenney. LATIN COUBSE. J. E., Hattie Cook, J. J. A. Murpliy, Ella F. licVitliaui, S. i. Clark, E. L. Parmenter, il. B. Bauoroft, Mittie M. Curtís, J. Mc. Smith, W. B. Cady, Alice Maclean, Mattie l'enney. SCIENTIFIO COUESE. Ada Bunuell, L. H. Hallock, Lizzie Simmons, Millie Bunnell, J. E. Hathaway, Almira Sutton, B. W. Brown, Lois Hand, Lodorsca A. Swift, E. L. Colé, Olivia Hill, ï'anny Taylor, Nettie Cornwell, Wm. Kiug, T. C. Tate, J. C. Chynoweth, Hattie Barr, H. B. Waters, C. L. CofBu, E. F. Lohr, Maggie S. Wilson, Katie Crawford, E. F. Mack, Frank H. York, W. W. Follett, J. E. McQill. KNOLISH COUBSE. E. L. Colé, Debo McDonald, Katie Spoor. The large audience seemed to appreciate the etforts of the members represonting the class, and the apecial friends of readers, speakers, and their silent associates testilied to their leasure and gratification by a liberal bestowal of beautiful bouquots. Suflice it to say, that he orations and essays were well written and well delivered and read, showing atudy, hought, and skill in composition, doing credit o clasfl, teacher, and school. The benedictioa was pronouuoe't by the te. Mr. York. The Alumni Associatiou of the High School helil its second aimual reuuion in the evening. Supt. Perry gave a brief and happy address of welcorae ; mi essay on "(Jlosets" was read by Miss Mary Louisa Pond, and nu oration on " Chancellor VVythe," signer of the Declaratiou of Iudependeuce, niember of the conveution to frame the Coustitution, instructor in the tcieuce ot' law of Thomas Jefferson, ChiefJustice Muralla II, nul Henry Clay. Both esaay and oration were good. President Harrinian of the School Board gave the closiug address, in wluch he favorably euutrasted the system of State educatioual institution with donorainatioii!! or private schools, using Phillip's Academvi Audover, aa au illustratiou of the latter, aud our High School of the tormer. The exercines were interspersed with vocal aud instrumental muníc, aud after the literary teast retrenliuientii were surved 111 an adjoiniug room. All cousidered it an enjoyable evening. The iollowing oilicers of the asscciation were elected for the eusuiog year : President, Dr. Willard B. Smith, '59 ; Yiceriesulent, Anna E. P. Eastman '60 ; Correaponding Secretary, Edward H. Bowman, '77 ; Recording Secretary and Treasurer, Webster Coook, "Ii ; Executive Committee, Joseph B. Steere, '64, Isaac (ioff, '77, Miss Hattie Taylor, '73, Jennie Watts, '72 ; Necrologist, J. B. teere ; Essayist, Miss Clara Conover, '72 ; alernate, J. Rose Colby, '74 ; Orator, William '. Cocker, '63 ; altérnate, Fred. H. Maynard, 1; Poet, Charles Harris, '71; Altérnate, ames Eaglesfield, '76.


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