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The follüwing disposition of cases has been made in the Circuit Court : CRIMINAL. People tb. Henry Wood : larceny of a horse ; eatenced to State prisou for three years. Feople vs. Albert Kruaawa; larceny f rom a welling house in the daytirne ; senteuced to tate Prisou tor four yeais. People vs. John Freeman ; breaking into welling in daytime with mtent to commit lareny ; senteuced to State Houso of Correction or three years. People tb George Edwards : breaking into lop with intent to commit larceny : sentenced ;o State House of Correction for three years. People vs Thomas J. Crowell and Bansom alsbury ; f orgery and false pretenses ; inotion o quash Information denied ; bail rixed at $'200 n forgery and f 1,000 on false pretenses : to be pproTed by the clerk. DIVOECES GRANTED. Jennie Truax ts William H. Traax. Florence B. Haze vs Kirk M. Haze. Lafayette Uallup ts Amanda Gallup. Manila (iraham ts Edward A. Graham. EÜzabeth Fagan vs Augusta Faga. CHANCERY CASES. Caleb Vau Husan t Wm. H. Yost et al ; derae granted for Í3.004 09. Samuel Kobbins vs Philip C. Edwards et al ; ecree grttuted for f 1,471. Gottlieb Hutzel vs Peter Kruin pf and G ttieb Layer ; degree grauted for $609 54. James B. Gott vs Deborah and Charles C. hurch ; decree granted for $1,1 1 89. Hayden H. Wheeler et al. ts Calvin Bliss t al ; doeree granted for $4,580 91. Nelson Beardsley tb Jacob A. Polhemus aad t. A. Beal ; decree of torecloture granted for 6,751 68. Eliza B. Wood ts Alice M. Noble and Fauny fhaley ; decree ot foreclosure granted. Allen Crittenden et al. ts William S. Basom t al ; decree of foreclosure granted for $1,993. Wm. J. Clarke ts Archibald McNichol ; deree of foreclosure grauted for $775 12, Charles King ts Miltou Reynolds et al ; doree of forecloaure grauted for $2,919 16. Lewis E. Child vs Charlea Mclntosli et al ; ecree of foreclosure granted tur $1,795 25. Mary E. Costello tb Charles M. Fink ; decree f foreolosure granted tor $2,219 14. Caroline Preston va Siuiou Preston ; decree iamissing bill. W. H. Jackson ts Josephiue Jackson ; decree ithheld tor further teatimuuy. JUDOMENIS ENTEBKD. Densmore Cranisr ts George H. Williams udgmeut on default for $230 83. Mary White vs Abram Beek et al, udgmeut u default for $663. Ceiestin H. Pierce vs Albert A. Buruham, udgmeut for $200 and costa. Edison's Talkino Phonoobaph.- This wouderful machine, which has attracted the ttentiou of acientiüo men all over the world, nd who have pronounced it, without a dissentng Toice, the most Marvelous Acoustical Pheomenon of the century, will be exhibited in Ann Arbor at Parlor No, 2, Cook's Hotel for ;wo days only, commeacing Friday, June 28, 0 a. m. To accommodate those who deeire not only to hear the Phonograph speak but inspect and examine it closely, it will be exhibited every day frora 10 to 12 a. m., from 2 to 5 p. m. and from 8 to 10 eTening. The operator will fully explain the machine and test its powers at evory entertainment. Specinl atteution paid to ladies and children. Admissioa, 25 cents. - At Coldwater, Jane 24, Eli Gilmore, 60 yeara old, was sentenced to serve the State ten years at Jaokson, for setting íire to a cooper shop. - At Flint, June 24, four horses attached to the Fiushing stage ran away, starting t the depot and dashing along through the street into the Sherman House barn. J. W. Brown, the driver, who attetupted to stop them, was run over and had a leg brokeu. Others nariowly eaoapd.


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