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WiTNEss Andebson üas been rtiacharged from bis position on tho editorial ftaff of the Philadolphia A'orth American. .. .Ouo of tho largcbt Uliolt distillerics Pcinod for eevcral years was oaptured tho othcr day in New York city. It had a capacity of 200 gallons a day, and had buen r 'inning a loug timo. New Yohk papers annouucethe death of Col. Willlam Vcrniilye, fonnder of the wellknown banking houso of Vermilyo & Co Sixty-nino colored emierants. sailed last week from New York for Liberia, under the auapices of tho American Colonization Society, who will support the emigrantn for six months af ter their srrival. . . .'Ihe ccutennial annivernarj' of the ovaouation of Valley Forge by tho Continental amiy waR celebra) ed at tbat place on the 19th of June, 30,000 people participatirjg. John, Isaac and Peter Hawn, okl toon, living not f ar from Harrishurg, Pa., wero attacked in thcir own houso by two trampp, and John and Isaac fatally beaten. Tho housekeerjer was also attacked and tho house robbtc of $1,000 in bondn. Ex-Qov. Swann, of Miiryland, anu Mrs. John R. Thompson, widow of Unitec States Senator Thompson, of New Jersey, wert marricd in l'rinceton, N. J., last week. Mrs Swann in a sisíer of Kam Ward, of WwdUsg ton, and sistr-iu-'aw to Speaker Itaudall, who gave away the bride. Moses A. WnEELOcK, who has been widely known for more ihan twenty yoara as President of tbo New York Stock Exchangp, oommitted t-uicide, theother day, by Bhooüng himself la the head. S. Ahqier Chace, defaulting Troasurer of the Fall Rivor (Mass.) Mills, pleaded guilty and was tenteneed to twolve years in tho State prison and two day solitary connnemeut, THE WEST, A dispatch ƒ rom Lincoln, Neb. , says : "Tbo bodies of Herman Allen, Jacob Sutton and auother porson havo boon fonnd cu the Niobrara river, tireiity-fcmr miles northwest (f the camp ou Diemal river. Allen and Suttou wero with Ilio Holbrook party, nrardered on the 38U) of February." Chicago elevators contaiu 487,931 bushelsof wheat ; 828,282bushelaof coru ; 103,595 bushel-iof oats ; 37,153 bushels of rye, and 283.044 bushels of barley, making a crand total of 1.740,005 busheli--, against 5,042,416 but-hela at this period last year The Acadrmy of Music and fhe Commercial Block. in Akron, Ohio, havo been deatroyed by fire. Loss estinmted at $150, ÜÜO. An uprising of the Chippewa Tndians in Minnesota and Northweatern Wieconsin is threatened. The Governor of tho latter State hae appealed to Gen. Shcridau to protect the Uves and property of the citizens in the im]eriled district. About 200 tranips boarded a freight train on the Wabash road, at Jacksonville, UI., on June 21, caying they intended to ride, as they had had all tho walking they wanted. Every possible devico was employed toget them off the train, but to uo purpoae. Tho tramps wtre detormiued to stay. Tho railroad employés wero entiroly too few to cope witb this mob. The consequeuco was that the tramps t taycd on the train until it reacht d Quincy, when they got off and scattored thronghout the city, a numuer of them bcing anested during the night by the pólice. The región about Quincy is reported to bc swarming nith tramps, and the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy and the Wabash tracks aro reporttd by pagt-engerg to be lined with tbem for miles. The highly-inflammable dust which seenis to be an uuavoidable accompaiiimeut to tbe grinding of wheat is again the cause of a flour-mül disaster. The Keota, Iowa sttam-millfi have been dostroyed by fire, inflicting a loss of i30,0i;0. The aunual meeting of the Miciiigsn Central r.vilroad, which was held at Detroit a few days ago, lesnltod in a Vanderbilt vieiory and the road is now nis own as much as th New York Central or the Like Shoro an Michigan Southern. He holds a majority o: ihe stock himse'f. an3 hs car, thcrefoie, do a Le p erees witb tho jrcpeity. THE SOlIil. Two ritrèoNERs nnmed Sadler an Pearson, confined in the Springfield (Tenn jail awaiting trial on the ohargo of outraging respetable lady, wero takeu out by a mob, few duys ago, and hung to tho limb of a tree. Fkom accounts received by way o Galveston it appears that Gen. Mackenz carried mattere with a high hand in bis reeen expedition into Mexico at the head of a coium of L'nited States troops. He was confrontcc by a Mex'can detachment of inferior number about forty-five miles from the border, com manded by Col. Valdez, the latter under order to repcl the invasión ; but ho was informec that ho must get hia M xicana out of the wa withiu a certain time or they wonld be firei upon. The Mexicana, not being stron enough to resist, avoided a colliRion, andth invaders had things all theirown way. Tl expedition is reported to havo beon f rui lesa so far as making of captures wai concerned. WASHI XBTOÜ . Maj. Reno has addressed a letter to Chairnmn Banning, of the House Military Committoe, saying that he is glad that the Custer maesacre is to be a subject of investigation. aa it wilt enr.ble hini to meet and repel toe charges that havo boen made against hiru in oonnectiou with thii nffair. Miss Emily Pi,att, nieee of President Hayes, and Gen. Enssell Hastings, of the United States army, were married at the Whito House last wek, On the samo dy Hon. Joseph Tulitzer, of St. Louis, was uiïited in marriage to Miss Kuto Davis, one of tho reigning belles of Washington, and a relaíive of Jeffer.-on Davis. CoNiitEss having refnsed to appropriate the money expended by the comniissiou sent to Louisiana in tho spring of 1877 to arbitrate between the Packard and Nicholls Governments, ex-Gov. Brown, of Tennessee, one of Uie CoiLmissioners, cent to the Tieasurv Dejjarlment the other day a draft for $827 that being hie fhare of "the bijl. Secrttary Sherraan immediately returned the draft, with sn expro88ion of his belief Ihat at the next Hession of Congrcs3 the appropriation wül be made, and the asMiranee that if this belief is not verified tho President wül pav the whole amount himBelf. The Stanley Matthews Senate Committf o held its first nieoting in Washington on the 21st of June. James K Anderson was th first witness sr.mmoned, but he positively refusod to answer auy questions. He told tho committee that if Senator Matthew would po before tho Potter Committee and tostify, he (Anderson) would answer any qneetionfl the Matthewa Ccmmittee might asi him, but otherwise ho would remain dumb as an oyster. In the absence of tho Senate, there Being no powor to punish a contumacious witness. the committee adjourned subject to the cali of tho Chairman. Justice Miller, of the Unitsd States Supreme Court, has passed through an extremely dangeroua surgical ojieration for cal:nn. pcifonned by a council of the most eminent phyficians cf Washington. POUTICAL The House Committee on Naval AffairBcoucludcd tho investigation of the late tulrm'niütration of the Navy Department jnst before tbe adjoxirnmoLt, and, by a vote of the DcmceratK, adoptcd resolution rcciUug that " the acts and conduct of Secretary liobeson, and the late chiefs of the bureaus of steam enginetriug, conHtruction and repairs, and provisiona and clcthing, in the salo and difposition of public proporty, in their method of making cotitractf, and in involving the Government in indel tednessover the at propriations made by Congress for the support of the navy, deserve be gevereet censure and condemnition, and that in addition aid artiea as Mrellas allothers aiding and abetüug should be puniched to the nxteut of iho law."....Tho Democrats of Slaino, ai their State Conventies in Portland, last wet k,ni)iu!iia'.cd Alonso Garcelon for Governor, and adoptni : platform coudomniog the me of untaxablo CJovti-nment bonds, favoriüg the rabstitntioD of preenbacks fornationalbank notes, aud approving the Potter inveetigation. The Ropublirnn State Convention of Iowa wai held at Des Moincs on Juno 19. Bz-BeoatOT Wrlght cresided, and ex-Congressmu) James F. Wil n was Chairman of the Gonu&ittee on Benolntiona. 3. A. T. Huil was nominaied for Stcretary of State, B. It. Shermsn for Auditor, George W. Bemis for Treasurer, J. K. Powers for liegMer of the Land Oflice, J. F. Mcjuiiliin ior Attorney General, J. H. Kothrock for Supremo Judge, John S. RuuneU for Supreme Onnrt Itopnrtcr, E. E. Holmes for Clerk of the Snprtmo Comt. The platformdelares that: Jly ihu jmbined worklnu of the National nd Staie Govtrcmeutt. uinlcr ilii ir reapective constltuttona ttie riclitK of every citizon Hhould be fecured at hrme snel prctectd abroad, and the common weüaie prompte d. Any failnre on the part of thrr tho National or Stato Govornuients to upo ery poFaiblo conetitutional power to aford ampie protrotiou to tlieir citixens, botli at ïomeand abroad, ia a criminal neglcctof theirhight obügation. That it Is not only tho rlght but the duty of evry (rood citizoü, at the party Mraonses, in tho rty ronVctlOD8, nrd at tho polín, to use hls bett Torta to secure the nmnination and electiou of [Ood tnon to plaoes of oftlcial trust, eït'l wp dlcap)rove of all interference with the perfect treedom of action of any citizen in tho exerciso of said right nd ia the diecharge of paid lluty. The Democruts oí Yermout Lavo nominntod Stato officers as foliotra : W. II. H. Bingham for Qovernor, Jeromo W. Tiercé for Lieutenant Governor, and Georgo E. BoyooTor TreaBurcr. The Missouri Greenbaekers liold tluir State Convention at Sedalia ):ist wetk. A L. Gillrop was nominated for Judge of the Supremo Court, Giroao Ilajden for Kailroal Comminsioiier, and .1. M. Greenwood for 8ulipriiitendent of l'ublic Instruction. The platform demand the repeal of tlio Specie Beeumption aot and tho issue of absolute moiicy in grcenbacls eiiual to gild and silver, denounces the present BVBtem of convict labor, cpposes tho introduotiou of ChineBu labor, and pronotmees agairJt strikes and all violent ïneasures lor the relief of labor. The Workingmen's party developed astonighing strenglh at the recent ciection in California for members of tbo CoDstitutional Convontion. A San Francisco diupatch paya the complexión of the convention as regard3 county delegates will be aH foilowB : Non-Partisan, 52 ; Workingmen, 48 ; Republican, 10 ; Dcmocrats, 8. B'ull returns may vary the above to tho uxtent of half a d( zei). 'Ihe city of San Francisco was earried bj the Woikingmen by a lurgo majority. Mbs. Capt. Jenks, of New Orleans, was before the Potter cjmmittee on Saturday, June 22, to teslif y in regard to the Sberinan letter. Her story iu regard to the lolter was this: Auderson was preesing Weber to obtiin certain guáranteos froni Sherman, and Weber united with Auderson in writing a joint note to Sherman, a copyof which Audersou produced. This not?, she declares, was handed to htrsealed to deliver, and that, upon canying it to a parlor in the St. Charles Hotel, where the visiting gtatesmen had their sesdons, she opened it and became aware of its contenta. She never delivercd it accordiug to its directious, but upon reaching the parlor she dictatod a repiy to it at a Bidé desk, iuclosed it in m envelope after it was coinplctcd, dirceted it to Weber and AndersoD, and earried it back and delivercd it to Weber. Sbe fu-ed to state who wrote the letter at her dictation, but taid that, af ter it was written, ehe picked it from the table, inclosed it, and delivered it to Wtber. fhe declared that Sherman knew nothing of the existenco of this letter. A Portland (Ore.) dispatch says the f uil election returns f or Oregon are as f ollows : Congrets - Whitaker, Dtm., 16,554; Hiñe?, Rep., 15,384; Camubell, Ind., 930. Goveruor- Beekman, Uep., 10,009: Tuajor, Dem., 1G,O63; Wilkins, Ind., 1,353. Sucretary of State - Earhart, liep., 16,146;Hearns. Dem., 15,852; Catea, Ind., 1,289. Treasurer- Hirch, liep., 10.655; lirown, Dein., 15,493; Sntherlin, Ind., 726. State Printer- Carter, Rep.. 16,160; Noltner, Dem., 15.G33;Craig, lud., 1,298. Superintendent cf Public Instructiou - Powell, Kop., 15,951; Stiles, Dom., 15,918; Parker, Ind., 1,108. An Associated Press telegram from Washington say " it can be stated ou authority that the Prosident's service order will be enfqrced without snodiücation. 'Ibis order prohibits persons holding Federal positioni from taking part in caneases, primary meetings or conventions, whilo thcy wi.l bo pennitted to support any candidate they choose, and assiut iu any way that will not interfero with the proper diecharge of thoir official duties. Voluntary contributions to campaign funds are not cousidered by the President to be a violation of this order." GENERAL. Mr. Stoughton, American Minister to Rustia. bas written a letter repudiatiug all eomplicity with the proceedings which form the subject of the investigación of the Potter committee. An expedition for the recovery of the relies of Sir John Frankhu sailed from New York last week on the echooner Kothen, which has been chartered to carry the expioriug party to Repulse bay, where they will remaiu until spring, and then cross the country on sledges to King William's Land. The Captain Howgate expedition to the North pole bas been refuscd tho $50,000 askcd of Congreso to aid in its equipment. Private sources will now have to bo relied on for the assistanco neeessary to carry out Ihe plans. The scull race at Pittsburgh, Pa., last week, for the championship of the United States and a purse of $2,000, between Evan Morris, of Pittsburgb, and James Hanlan, of Canada, resulte d in a victory for the Canadian by four lengtbs. Time for lbo fivo miles, thirty-seven minutes. An immense crowd witneRsed the contest. Six murderers were executed in the United States on the 21st of June, viz. : George Sherry and Jeremiah Connolly, at Chicago, for the murder of Hugh McConvillc. on Ihe 19!h of January last ; Charles BnriiR, at Paris, 1(1., for the murder of EMjah Bofdwell, iu October, 1877 : ferry Boeher, at Chillicothe, Obio, for the murder of old Mr. and Mrs. McVey, last winter ; Edwin H. Costloy, at Fredtriek, Md., for the murder of hit cousin, Solomon Costlcy, in April last, ar.d Jacob Lemls at Little lioek, Ark. Senator Bruce, of Mississippi, -was recently married iu Cleveland, Ohio, aud will travel in Europe with his bride Ex-Oov. Pirown, before leavint; Washington, responded to the letter of Secretary Sherman returuing the drafts forwarded to the depariroent in paymont of his (Brown's) share of the Louisiana CommiBBion expenses, agaiu inclosing the draft, eaying he feels constrained to do so frora a Henee of dnty to himself and the parties Hable for the amouut expended. Geh. Oki, iu an interview with a Chicago Timen ïeportertho other day, f urnithed some intere.-ting informatiou conctrning the irituation on Ihe Mexican border. The General says no effort is made by the Mexicau aulhoritic to prevent raids into Texas. Tho raiders cros tho Rio Grande and re '.urn with tneir plunde openly. Iu one instanco they built raf cr fo tbe transfer of stolen property, withou the slightest attempt at concealment, in tb presonco of the Mexican troops. Gen. Ore thinks tha'. unies energetic nieasurcsarotake by Federal authority, the great commonwealt of 'l'exas will bc cumpelled to provide for ili defense of her own citizens, and he Ihinks i will be bad for the Hexicanswhen Texas under takes that tairk. FOKKIGN. The physicians in attendance on the Emperor William publish a formal dcclaratioi that bis progresa has been satiefactory almos beyond expectation ; but the patiënt, boaide transitory pain, sufferu much from helplesnness, being unablo to uro liis arma. Com plete recovery can only be tffected in a loef, time, after possibly mtmy obstacles and mueh pain. Durdío an interview in Brriin, the other day, between Princo BUmarck and the Bussian Primo Minister Gortfchakoff, the 'arge Danish dog of Dismarck made aferocious attack on the Russian statesman, who was rescued after considerable tronble. Concernisg the European Ongress, a Berlín telegram s!.ys "the powers continue to act in greups, but not necessarily in a hostile tense. Austria and England frotn one point of view, and Turkey from another, oppose liusaia'e claiirs. Germauy, Franco aud Italy adot a medii tory attitude. There eau be littlo doubt of a thorough nnderstanding betweon England ai d Austria, or of the likehhood of its continu :co during the entire dcIiberation8. Tho congress has decided to adin:t Qreeoe, witn consultación voice, in questions affecting Greek interetts." In Prnssia the agitation continúes about the measures the Government favors for reprensión of Sociaüsm, and the newspapers are contiunally roportiug the arrests and the interruption of meetings. ScnOTjv-AioFP is greaüy blamed at St. Petersburg ainong the people forejnceding the Anglo-Auilriau combination in the Berlin conjress the arrangem jnt by which Turkey is to be poimittcd to garrison lbo Balkan passen. A couuter couditio'ï i. said to havu bceji deiianded by Russia, wliich involves thoistabishment of cutonomy in Roiunelia and tho enire witluhawal of Turkish troops from ti.'O iuterior lRbella, the ex-Queen of Spain, gave a dinner to the Sliah in Paris, at which M, Paul ie Caesagnac a presented to his Perslan Unjesty William Va:igban, who niuniorcd an old lady uud r circumstai.ces of the most rovollius characler, was hanged a(8L lohns, N. B The Quton of Spain is seriously stok. Caule diepatcbes iully conflrm the eports as to the settlement of the Bulgarian luestion in the congres-i, by Kussia's agrectnent to the separation of lloumelia from Bulano, ihe Baihans being the diviiling line. 'he London Timen conHiikrs tiiis settlement nothing less tban an ahandonment of the ol cy which Bussia has persisted in for 100 eiirp. A Berlín correspondent hears írom h'U8twol'thy eources that a military cotnpromise betwocn ltuesia and Turkoy ia imniinout The Russians vrill Ooncentrato around Adrianoplf. The Turk will evacúate Shutnla and retire to Varna and there bmbark for KoUmolla.


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