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CaniicCtïCUt- The Stale of Conncctlcut have appröpriated 61,000 for the erectióti of a monument to tho memory ofCapt. Nathnn Hale, executed asa py in tho Revolutior.nry war. Tho Connecticut House of Repreoeniatives, by a voto of 111 to C3, havo votedto submit to the pooplo the qucstion of so'amftnding the'constitution as toabolish nll distincüon of color in respect to the privilege of voting. Scarcely any of the rhembèrs expressed thcmselvcs favorable to' the propossd amendment, but a niajority were willing to submit the question to the people. IVeW YorBi. - Wo noticed quite a stir in the Court ITouse yesterduy, as well as throughout the city, out of the proceeding against the rctailers of liquor. A larga number of complaints were entercd and indicïmenta found, ngainst everydescription of relailers. tavérns, groceries and recesses. If nll who have been selling are indicted, and stand trial, the court will be occupied several dáys in their disposal. - Buff. Pilot. John Bunnell was oxccu'.cd last evei ñing at Schenectady, for the murder of óne Sonburger, in Schoharie County. - He died a dreadful death. Life not being éxtiüct until 20 minutes after the bolt had ' bben' vithdrawn from the drop. - Pilot. The number ot appointments vested in tW Governor of New York, as appoars by' the report of the Secretary of State, U 289: number whose appointment is testéd'in the Governor and Senate, 2,239. THêsè' are all civil appointments. From last Friday noun to Saturday evcning, the Coroner of the city of New York had been called to' report on 37 caaes of death by the heat of the sun in that city. - Pilol. Ö'ne half the clerg-y men and more than fialf Ihe elders of the N. S. Presbyterian church, in the vicinity of Wyoming co., N. Y., vote the Liberty ticket. - Indiana Frceman. A' yoühg man becamo desperately in lbve with ayóung lady in the town of Clay; butsornehow' things did not work io'suit him. He thereupon direcled a note to his lady-lovc, asking her tb meet liim at a cèrtain place, at a specified time, or else comë to his fuiieral en Satuvday', (last.) Unfortunately she did not heed his request, but Saturday carne and found himstill living, although he hadprocured Rome poison at Salihrf, and taken it on Thursday. He died on Sünday.In 1842, Mr. Powell, captain öf the Empire, after being ten days out from Norfolk, discovered a woman and child who had been secreted in his vessel by the assistance of his sleward, a colored man in New York, named Law. Powell returned to Norfolk, and delivered up Law to the civil nuthoritics. Law was sentenced to the penitentiary. He brought an action in New York ag-iinst Powell lor damages. Tho other day the Jury gave a verdict in favor of Powell. It is to be taken up to the Suprcme Court, to try the constitutionality of the Virginia law. - Amer. Cd. HTcw Jersey.- Some of the Princeton students brutally assaulted and mnltreated a colored man and his wife in the strents. Me struck one with a club a severe blow in the face. The colored man was arrested next day, brought to the mngistrate's office, where he was seized by a party of southern students and horribly beat, as wns also a constable who interfored. The studenls gave three cheers and marched off. - Served him Right. - A young lady in Cincinnatti, on Sunday night weck, knocked or pushed a young exquisite backwards out of a second story glass door, for making ndvances to her of an offensive nature. He foll somc twclve feet ; his hat and cane wero thrown after him. He struck on lus head, but being empty, of course little or no dnmagc was done. Afíer recovering from tho ar he made off. The citizens of Mercer county, Ohio, protested ngainst the manumitted slaves of Jonh Randolph taking up tlieir rosidence in that county. There is already a large colored settlement in that county. A steamboat brought 400 to Cincinnati. - John, the favorite of Mr. Randolph, was among them. Juba was not seen. Harvest in Ohio. - The Cincinnati Chronicle says: "The harvest this year is very early. In the southern half of Ohio, wheat has been harvesting, more or less, for two weeks, and we suppose will now, since the weather has become warm, be rapidly got in. In the Miami, vegetation of all kinds is very rich and abundant." KeiltlICky. - The Louisvillo Courier says: Capt. Thomas F. Marshnll made a very narrow escape with his life on Monday evening last. Several volunteers with who 7i he had adifïïciilty, drew their pistöls, and pointed them full at his breast; three pulled triggers, and strange as fortúnate, the caps on all exploded without discharging the deadly contents with which Ihcir pistols were charged. It is probable the heavy rain of that evening, to which the volunteers were exposed, dampened the powder and thus prevented an explosión. To this fact was he indebted for his life. The ofiending volunteers were prornptly placed under arrest.' ffOlliSaasnïl. - A company of Arab nctors, who liail from the greatdesert of Sahara, have arrived at New Orleans from Yucatán direct.