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There Is Blood On The Moon."

There Is Blood On The Moon." image
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BY GUY H. AVEIEY. It was believed by the aneiritts that bloed spote ppcared on iho moon before war.] Thorc is blood on the moou ! Will it pass away fcoon ? Dread portents aro rife Of battlo and strife, For the ospreys cf war Are leaving their nest In Ilie IbIcb of the West And swarming afar To the gates of the Czar, Oh ! come tbey in peaco To the isl ande of Greece ? lïring they faniine or feast As they eail to the Eaat 7 There is blood on the moou Í Will it pass away soon 1 Jackals are bowling, Gray wolves are prowling, Taliontly watching the Rea, Where darji forms are riding And silently biding ; Dread moneters of var, Biack shadows of Thor, Orim-visaged and ironed And arnior-environcd In their corslets of niail They ride on tho gale ; Aro they Taynim invaders, Or Christian crueaders, Or peaocf al sea traders As they sail to the East, Past burning Stromboli To the niarlB of StamboxiH? There its blood on the moon ! May it pass away soon ! For mothers are wailing, Old fornis are quaMing, Voimg chceks are paling In darkness and gloom ; Terror is falling, Dim cloudB are palling, Foreeliadowiug doonj, For the Oápreys of war Are leaviug their nest In the IeleB of the West, And swarniing afar To the gatea of the Czar ; Brlng they f amine or f east As they eail to the East ? Astronomer, what Of this lurid red spot Oü the face of the moon ! Will it pass away soon?


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