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Progress In Hard Times

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Notwithstanding the timoe, it isdoubtful if the country ever made greater or moro rapid. progresa in substantial wealth than duriüg the past seven years. From a comparison of the statistics of the census of 1870 with thoso furnished by the Burean of Agriculture for 1877, it appears that there were 31,000,000 more acreB of land under cuitivation last year then in 1870, an increase of 34 per cent. Tho percentage of increasc in the number of bushels of eorn produced was 221 ; of wheat, 52 ; of rye, 42 ; of barley, 35 ; in tons of hay, 3Í ; and in poïmds of tobáceo, 91 per cent. Tho increase reported in live stock over the aggregatc of 1870 was, horses, 44 per cent ; mules, 45 ; cows, 26 ; oxen and other cattlc, 29 ; sheep, 251 ; swine, 28 per cent. The aggregate iücrease in the number of live animáis amounted to about 25,000,000 head. The excess of tho grain erop of 1877 over that of 1870 was nearly 550,000,000 IjubIioIs. Our exports for fie year ending Juno 30, 1877, exclusive of gold and silver, amounted to $032,980,080. - Scientific American. M. de Lesseps' flnancial statement shows a much-inoreased, profitablo sea trafflo through the Suez canal last year. The canal proper is reported in a thoroiiglily-efficient working state, with average dopth of water from twenty-seveu to twenty-eight feet. At the Port Baid entrance a gradual shoaliug of thu whols een bufiin indicates trouble in the future.


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