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Sabbath Reading

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Wbuld Ibat my niaslrr conkl bilt seo l he Vrophf t of tin1 Tjord ; for bo Would In-al liim oí Wr leprta; 1" s i spike Ihe Httle captivn niaid Uuio hrr niistroBs, half afraid, And eo tc-day spcak wc. " Would that iiiy child," o prays het aire, " My clilld- the. cüild of niy disirn - Bot feit flod'e lovo, ot feared ]Iw irt'! Lifo, with i8 einR, ÍBBÍ fcom h r throlp, Aud thi end thercoi "-the nld man sobE- " Ihê end thercof Is lire." " Wolüd," snilh .1 wifo, " my hnshand could Atuid liie'n UungcT, havo Ihe food - Aniid lift-'s fovi r, the calin uiood - Whioh conie to them that ïove Hia uaine WI30 bore diehonor for Ihcir fauic, And ovil for tlieir good I" " O, would to God my brotber knew," His sister saitli, " wliat fair Ho-vera grew In Goiï's dear garden, ard hn too Wo'iüd cnme and gitlier them all day, And we would wauder in the way Where walk tJie happy few." Ono to anothor Ihus they speak, Or ninrmnr out of hearts Ihat breuk. Nay, lift your heads ; tlio thiiiK yo scek Ia nlgher to you tlian you dream ; Look np - lo, thero íb Jordan'H Btrcam, And there the Prophot meek ! - Oood H'ortis.


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