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More Quickened Conscience

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A fair to medium Detroitcr wout home to supper the other night to iind that his wife had entered the house only a moment bef oro him, and he natuially inquired where she had been. "Richard," shc answered in a very sober way, "I have been to consult a fortune-teller !" " What !" he exclaimed, turning pale in au instant, and staggering baok against the wull. " Yes, Ihave been to consult a fortuneteller," sho went on, as the tears came to her eyes. "Bosh! madam! Fortuue-tellers are humbugs - swindlers - liars!" " Eiehard, this fortune-teller told me - " " I won't hear it- I want none of their nonsense," he interrupted, ' ' Richard, it concerns you. " " I don't care! I want my supper - I have no time for foolishuess!" " Richard, she says that you are - " " I teil you I won't hear any of her balderdash! She lied about me, oí course, and I'll make her take it baok oigo to prison!" " Richard, won't you let mo say that sho saidyou were graduully killing yourself by too close attoution to buisiness?" " Did sho say that?" " Why, of course sho didl" " Lizzie, forgivo my liarsh words. I see that they teil the truth, and the truth only. Aft-er auppcr I'll get a carriage and we'll ride out, and while we are down town you'tl better get that new bonnet you spokc of." - Detroit Freo Presa. The lancer may noiv be termed tliê best armed man in the British army, having the Henry carbine, lanoy, 'id bwïS- armed i the teeth.


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