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The Democratie State Convention at Lansing on Wednesday was largely attended and its action was barmonious. Hon. Foster Pratt was both temporary and permanent chairman, and in entering npon the discharge of his duties tnade a ringing speech, (iov. Felch, of tbis city, was chairman of the eomniittee on resolutions, and with him were associated long-tried and able Deiiiocrats, Detnocrats represeoting varions sliades of opinión. The platform reported was opposed by three or four delegates and various amendments were proposed, but after brief discussion it was adopted by an almost unanimous vote. It is au outspokeu, nianly declaration of tiinetested and time-honored principies, such as we havo no doubt will meet the hearty approval of ninety-nine of every hundred Deinocrats in the State. It is as follows : The Democratie party of the State of Michigan, in couveution assembled, renewing its fidelity to its time-honored principies, standing for a sacred preservation of the Dation's i:uth, for the constitution and the laws, and for tho great truth that this is a goveriinaent of the people where the will ot the people shouhl rule, hereby declare : 1. That we urraign the Republican party for its corruption in office., its uiiwise legislation, aud its wicked perversión oí the peopleV will as expressed at the polls. It has squnndered the public lauda, squandered the public funds, aud corrupted the whole politie. It has placed men in office tlielionest an1 uucapnble, who have use'd theii posftioim na private peiquwites. It bas legislated for the rich, opprasged the poor, and creuted ïantie ïuou poiies. It has burtlened each towii and city with clebt and taxatiou, and drivcn theiii tu tho verge of banruptcy. It Las driveu our cominercü trota the peas and destroyed our oiicj powertul uavy. It completed its career of crime a-d dishouor by stealiug the Prtidideucy tïoni the people, and placiiiL a fraud iu the Presidential chair. 2. We indorse the investigaron ut the electoral trauds, to the end that tho truth of hisfory be vindicated aud u repetition of such crime prevented. ;i. We declare tliat gold and silver coin is the money ot the constitution, and all paper currency should be convertible mto suuli com ut the will of the holder. We are opposed to tlio further forcible reductioo of tho volume of the correucy : and we approve the action of Congioss prohibitiug such reductiou. We declare that the prostrate conditions of the business iuterests ot the country iinperatively demand that taxation, both State and national, shali be reduced to the loweat point consistent with the attainment of the oojects for wlnch such taxes shall be levied, nd thal economy sball be praeticed in every depaitment of the government. We congratúlate the country upon a reduction of over h'tty million dollars iu the uational expenditures cruring the last four years, and which result was securet] by the Democratie House of ltepresentatives. The numbor of greenback Ddinoerats in the convention was not more than a score, and the delegates wbo desired to soften the financial plank were scarcely more uumerous. The candidates are all uien every way capable aud qualified for the several ofii;es for which tbey are placed in noniination. We can aud do ask for them one and all the full, hearty support of the party, and of all irrespective of party. All who desire an honest, wise and economical adruinistration of State affairs should determine at once to give this ticket their hearty unroserved support. Let there be an honest, strong effort to olect it. It is time for a change in the administration of the State fjovernment and now is the time to untke it. A clearly defiiied platform of principies, able, sound and honest men for offieers, are presented for the suffrages of the people in the platform and uominees ot the Democratie party. We say the convention did nobly. - We arrived home at too late an hour to give a full abstract of the proceedings, but will do so next week. - We have just space to give and uuqualiiiedly indorse the following Frcc Press commeudation of the Democratie eandidate for Governor : 'Fiist on the list comes the name of Orlando M. Barnes, ot Ingham, who has a State ruputation as a olear-headed, Btrong lawyer, sound busineBfl man, and an upriht, energetic, public-spirited Citizen. He has taken au active part iu tho developmeut of the interior ol the State, aud his name is linked with many enterprises which have greatly contributed to the general prosperity. Fossessing executive ability of the highest order, and a thorough knowledge of the needs of the State institutions and of the resources of the State, he has all the elements neceasary to constitute an admirable (iovernor, and, what is matter for congratularon, thero is good reason to bclieve that he will be callea upou to lili the oftice for which he has such marfced tituesa." The other candidates, all worlhy to be his associates, will have their " guod points" ohroiiioled hereafter. BbFOKE the days of the green back or legal tender treasury note gold waf always ut par in all commercial ei roles, and the bank bill was quotud at a discount or a premium as the case miglit be. But when lugal-tender paper was issued under tho uecessities of the war, and the debtor was obliged to receive it at its face valne, gold beoamo a coinuiodity, aud coiumanded a premium iuoreasing in amount as tho volume of legal-tender notes increased, nntil a gold dollar in July, 1H04 was worth $2.80 iu greeabacks aud a greenback dollar vvould purchase but 'M cents worth of gold, - either crude gold or coiu. And history will rc-peat itself again as soou as the inilation of' an irredeemable currency shall bo entered upon. The ArkansasDemocracy put at least one sound plank into tlie platform construcied July 0. It is : "We are oppospd to any tariff except for purposes of revenue alone, bolieving that the same tends to build up particular industries at the expeuse of all others.' If equallv good sense had been shown on financial questiong the platform would havo been a model, and not the shaky thing it is. I Ilov much would the noteof ex-Gov. Baldwin, or ex-Gov. Bagloy, or ex Senator Chandler be worth in the Detroit market if it was given without inteiest and with no date of payment, and with the understanding that it never was to be paid except in auother piece of paper essentially its duplícate ? Kither of those men inight be known by every man in the city to be abundantly good, nevertheless nobody would receive the note of either of them conditioned as abo ve. And that is just what the fate of an inconvertible and irredeeuiable greenback will be whcn it comes to be understood that the Government doesn't moau to pay it in coin. The "absolute inonoy" dodge is the merest bosh. Brick Pomeroy, the apostle of the National-Greenback party says : " If the Government should make cobs to be a legal tender as it makes piocos of gold or silver to be nioney, by aftixing its stamp thereon, then it could say that every household, every soldier, every man who had a claiui against the Government, should be tendered this corncob money." And yet the average greenbaokei will throw up his hat and " huirah for Pomeroy and absolute money," I.N" C0NVER8ATI0N a few days ago with a prominent citizen and business man of Granel Rapids we took occasion to inquire about the standing of the National-Greenback candidate for Governor, Henry S. fSmith.and learned that he was a mau without any political or official experience, and that he had proved himself thoroughly incompetent to discharge the duties of Mayor, to whioh position he was elected in April. Is that the kind of a man the people of Michigan should make Governor 'i The Democrats of the Eighth Congressional district met in convention at Saginaw City on Thursday, reafiirmed the platform adopted by the State Convention on the preceding day, and nomiuated Hou. Bradloy M. Thompson, the popluar Mayor of üast Sagiuaw. Thb Bepublicao conventiuii held at Jackson on Wednesday unaniuiously renoi))in:itcd Congressmuu McGowau.


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