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- The jobbers wlio were iiiteivsteit in all the subsidy soheines before Conress are öoreoly bowling in iheir ritgu at Speaker Raudall. Tod inuch credit cannot bu piren Mr. Randall lm the Roman-like fhmness with whiub hu re sisted all these ruids upon tieasmy He defoated the Brazilian job; be defeated the Texas Paeitic jub ; hu pruvi nted the re-eaaotment of the fnuik ing privilege and re-adjustment ui' ïüilwuy muil pay - a large job, whioh had beeu earefully worked up by the; jubbing postal couimission. All sorts of threats are made by the subgidy jobbers as to their parpose of defeating Raudall this lall in h)8 district. Tüuy may inake the effort. liandali defies thein to do their best. He courts sueh au issue before the people. - Washington Special te Xeic York Sun. -In the Louisiana and Florida scandals the witnesses are Kepublicans, and yet it is the fashioii auiong Kepublican newspapers to denounco thein as terjurers. In fact one Kepullican after anothar hns been repudiated as a liar and a villain, until the public is boginuing to ask if there were any honest men at all among the carpet baggers. It is no attair of ours, but our esteemed cotemporaries are in a fair way to foul their own nest beyond living in it decently. The conclusión is irresistable, that if all the Eepulican leaders in Louisiana were knaves, as is now claimed by their Northern assoèiates, the pretenses upon which they overturued the actual vote of the State wt re the shauieleas devices of fraud. - N. Y. Wvrld. - Mr. Bristow doesn't take kindly to the third term talk, and says that ürant should be patriotic cnough to decline a nomiuation if tendered him - get off bis horse, in other words. The General will probably not be so accoinmodating in the event naniod. Bristow's chance of a preferment under a third term woiildu't be good. The whisky ring, uow looking after the Grant interest, would niiike it a condition precedent to their nomination of Grant that hf should leave Bristow in Kentuckv. It probably wouldn't be necessary to urge that point. - Chicago Times. - The story is gi-ing about that Gen eral Grant suys that ho is tired of pub lio lite. It would be uncivil as well as altogether too easy to retort that public life is tirod of Graut. We prefer to say that some of the men who fasteiied thcuiselves upon him duiing his term of office, and who are agnin using his name to fnrther their own interes b, inight well make Grant feel the wearineas of which he coiuplains. - N. )'■ Eoeniny Post. - In ihe county of Hamilton, Ohio, Sam Cary is as utterly without influence, political or otherwiso, as a man could be. The people of Oinoinnati would laugh in derision at 1 ho suggestion of Sam Cary 's being a reliable political guide or teacher, but up hore in Michigan among the absolute paper moneyites, he is looked upon as a great and good giant, and is paid thirty or forty dollars a speech for instruoting people on fiuancial probloms ! Long live humbug ' - Adrián Times. - Every sign of the times points to an early return of prosperity in this country. The surplus of exported merchandise over iinported for the past year ia showu to have been 2.)(),"(l(i,((l11 worth. This balance in the nution's favor is unprecedented in siz . Tlic ix cess of the exporfs of American goodfi over foreign importa for tbe p vt live yearu U placed at $600,000,000 worth.- " Journal. - Xlie Kepablicaa jouroals which have coutendud tbat tht Potter investigiition could not possibly find out anything for which tïiey might blush, lmvr suddenly beOomo less roady with their sneers. This is pretty strnug nega t i v . ■ evidence that they recognize the danger infiiutcd on tbe leputation ut liir party and of some ol ita leaders. - N. Y. Ilerald. - Kvery one whose reputation and obarncti r exclude him hom jopulHr eonfidence on his own iiccount will be found shouting his louiliwt for (Jen Grant. üi course, these operators c:ire nothing for him. They do not heed wliat (lamagu they may inHict upon him if only they can get a fresh lease of prominence and of spoils. - Utica ( X. V.) Jlerald. - Wendell Phillips advises the Greenbackors to "trade with no party and stand ready to absorb either." This is hifh-toned advico, but about as practical as was a recent disastrous attempt of un amliitious Indian to lasuo a locomotive. - tioston l'osl. The Potter Committeo may rest content that they'll not get auything out of Noyes. He raay not be a very smart man, and a trifto lame besides, but he'd walk a thousand miles ratherthan write a letter. That's the kind of a man Noyes is. - Oincinnati Enquirer.


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