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The Crowing Exhibition!

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At Ann Arto, Tuesday, July 23d, WITH P. T. BARNUM'S OWN AND ONLY GHEATEST SHOW ON EARTÏÏ ! And from the Arena Address and W elcome my Fatrons, AFTERNOON AND EVENING. The most miignificeut and attractivu exhlbitloQ evor witncssed ín ibis or anv ptherclty. AI-l. THK NEW ATTRACTIONS received witli the wtldesl dellgbt everywhere. 'I'ln: universal verdict is Ihut Hiirmim has The Grandest Ring Pageant ! The Most Marvelous Museum ! The Most Living Curiosities ! The Largest Menagerie ! Aftcran ezperience of fortj yeara I proclalm ibis, my latesl eflbrt, THE TROUPE OF ROYAL STAL LIO NS The most beautifal uul intelHg nl aninials övot seen, art; riO in aumber, and wero linporled at u Cost of #150,000, fioni their Royul masten, the Eiupcrors of Kussia and Germany, the late Víctor Kmiuaiiiiel, King of italy, and the (nmd Khan of Tartury. Tltey appear tinder ihe ulrecHon of iheir i rainer OAIfcL, ANTONY, .TXi., Ai ':iili performance, ín varlous acts, ooncluding witb the int roductfoo of t be ENTIEE NüMBEE IN THE RING AT ONE TIME. Slngly, in pairs, in trios, in quartettes, in sextettes, and Bually twelve at ; time these StatlioDB came into tbe handüome Bet ring and gave thoroughly exciüug displays of Iheir ability and thelrdocillty. The ocoaalotf of the performance oy thO triple quartettewas the most excitiug tuingoflts kind we have ever witnessed. Mr. Antony's power 18 certainly as hu-ge as his personal appearanc is line. The U-aping horses. werc wouderful Boston Tiavdtr, Ju 2U. tdjo PIQTJ TheChainplon Uarebavk Rider of the World. Asalary ofïflO.OOO ayear wjjltj. X JOJj, k]i cheerfuuy be pald for the equal of Ihisgreataitlat. WJxl. luOIltrAA , The Lightnlng Htirdle Eider. 3ÍIS8 KATTE STOKES, The Orea j Breback EMer. 8IX PERFORMING ELEPIIANTS, ,&gLff Ü&ÍSÍ derful li ap, turnli g a TEIPLE 80MEBSAULT. COL. COSHEN Lj9n The Palestine Griant, &, 9 MODERN SAMSON WON DERFUL HUMAN MI R AC LE OF MAN'S ENDUEANCE, THE TATTOOED GREEK NOBLEMAN! TATTOOED I KOM HEAD T( FOOT AS A PUNIöHMENT. On the mornlng of the day of OxhibitJon a GRAND bTREET PAGEANT, of unuspal extont umi grea! naBgnificeoce, will pass throtigh the principal stn-cih. One of the features oí' tliis scène of prüceBlonal spleudor will be tho appearance of LOof tüo208talllon8Ín proctsdon, led bythelrforetgogrooau Loors onen at 1 und 7 p. m. Performancia one hour later. Admiaslon, 50 cents; children ander nine, half price. Reserved seats. 25 cents extra. .$S For the acGommodation of ladie% ohildren and all vbodeslre to avoid the orowds surroandlng the ticket wagons on tlie sliuw füround, M r Bar nu ui bas openefl b lloket office for the sale ol' Tickets jl u. l K-MTVi'.l 'scats at TUliMAiNK'-S DRUG BTORE, al tbe usual sltabt advance. Ladies, obildran and otherswishlng toavold thecrowda In evenlng, are advlsed to altend the afternoon exhibltion. Excuniou t raina on all rallroada on tbe day of exhlbitloo. A Fret Ticket given to all purchasers of the "Lie of Barnum," or his Uitent stort of "JAon Jack. The show exhibitu at Detroit Jnly 22d, Jackson July 24, Threo Kivors July 25.


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