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Cash Dry Groods House. 2fi South Main St., Ann Arbor. ANOTHER REDUCTION ! Owing to the lateness of the season we offer our entire stock at reduced prices : Black Gros-Grain Silks, superior quality, at (V2h, 75, 90c, and f 1.00. Black Gros-Grain Silks. superior quality, satin finish, at $1.25 and $1.50. Black Gros-Gi'áiii Silk, cashinere finish, very rieh, 1 .75, $1.90, and $2100. Wc cali special attenfcion tö our $1.75 and $1.90 Silks. We knów whereoi we speak wlien we say tlini (liev are positively cheaper tlian any $2.00 or $2.25 Silks found elsewhere. Our Oolored Silks, in every desirable shade, are greftt bargains. We. simply desire au iuspection of our Silks, kno.wing that our prïcea and large assortment tuust créate a sensation in our city. Ftill line of MOURNïNG DtfESS QOCDS! Honrietta and Taniise Cloths very clieap. Black Cashmeres at 45, 50, GO, and 75 cents. Pure Black Mohairs at 15, 20, 25, 35, and 50 cents. Jamestown Alpacas, warranted to wash and not cockle, or money refunded, in all colora and prices. Bunting in all colors. Desirable DKKSS GOODS at 8, 10, 12, and 15 cents. Special attention is invitod to the 10 cent Dress Goods. White Piques at 8 cents. Full line of Tarlatans, Swiss Mulls, Jackonetts, Victoria Lawns, Bishop Lawns, Tuckings, and other Wliite Goods, at very low prices. Ladies' Collarettes, Ruchings, Linen Collar and Cuflfs, at half their former prices. Hamburg Edgings and Insertings. "Cashes" Colored Trimmings for Children, warranted to Wash. Torchon Lace made of pure linen, unsurpassed for durabilitv ; also Fine Traces, very clieap. Large assortment of Black Silk Fringes. 600 Jap. Fans, froni 4 cents to 50. Large assortment of Silk and Satin Fans. Largest stock of PAEASOLS and SUN UMBEELLAS ever shown in Ann Arbor. Good Cambiic Parasols at 12A, 15, 20, 25, and 35 cents. Silk Parasols equally eheap. We show an elegant line of Ladies' and Misses' GLOVES and HOSIERY. Silk Embroidered Hose from 25c. to 1.00 per pair. Full line of Ladies' and Gents' Linen and Silk Handkereliiefs. All sizes in Ladies' and Misses' Gauze Underwear. 10 of the best make of CORSETS to select from. An immense stock of Paisley, Black Thibet, Shetland and Slimmer SHAWLS from 75 cents up. Great Bargains in LACE SHAWLS AND SACQÜES for the next 20 days. The largest assortment of Laflies' Linen and Camüric Suits anfl Dusters Ever shown in this County. A FULL LINE OF HOUSE FUENISHING GKXXDS. Speciaities I Specialties I We shall ofíer for sale this week, 3 cases of Bleached Muslin, one yard wide, better in quality thun tlio Lousdale or Fruit of the Loom, at tlio reuiarkable low pricu of 8 cents per yard. 100 pieces Diess Cambrics, oue yard wide, handsome styles, at 9 and 10 cents - wholesale price two weeks ago was 12 1 2 cents tor saiue ?oods. )0 dozen Men's Colored Hose, aeaniless, with doublé heels and toes, at $2.00 per dozen - less than siuall retailers ]ay for them. Our PÜAHL SIIIRT still tuktts the lead, for f 1.00; a fit guaranteed or mouey refunded. Live Geese FEATHERS always on hand. COATS' SPOOL COTTON furnished to the trade at 57 y, per dozen. %EÊT Don't buy any goods until yon examine our stock.


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