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Prospectus of the ütli Voluiuv, 1878-9. THE ALDINE! The Art Journal of America. SOU) ONLY TO Sl'KSCRlüERS. Complete tn 24 Parts, at 50 Cents Ench. I88UED MONTHLT. Jti-Mhe purpose of the publishers lo persevere in their etfbrts to keep The Aldine, as au exponent of Art vork, f ree f ro ui competltton, aud to spare nelther thought nor expense to till further beauty and improvO the broad pages of the work. While urgine the uecesnty of culti vating a taste fur the benut iful in Nature and Arr. The Aldine has not been unniindiul of the force of example and üluitratini, theretbre it haa heen s constant study ti show, in the pages oí' tin work Uelf, ihat itnpio ameni bo eertufnly consequent tipou sincere devotioo to snel subject. As? in the pasr, so in the future, The Aldine will continue to be hm example of the proivsh e and tvfiniug iiilliuMiivs of counection and assoeiation with the beautlftil and trui'. The volume now a prvpariuion, while it will nut Muhit'tily depart from :be general course of iis predecessors, will yel present raany inodIHcations nul improveineuts, the resul t ot" study nud expert nee in fitting The Aldine to woithy maintain its pvsttiOD as "The Art Journal f America." In the more mechanica] departmeot of the arrangement or make up, changes; iu themselves f-liglit, will largely chango the general beauty of the pjges, which liad aïready won admiraliou so hearty aud universal Emtokiai.j.y, The Aldine. will dt-al broadiy and iuiily wlth Art in venera! and American Art in particular. Carefully preparad papers will keep well informed on all Art topics of the Important Art centres of this country and Europe. the important exhibitions will receive full and tiineiy uotice ; and artista whose achievements have won tor them the right, shall be introduced and given 8 proper personality by sketches biographicii] and critical. It will be tlie purpose of the Editor toearn for the Critical and LIterary Department of ThE Aldine n recoxnition in every way worthy of Ita est&blished and admlttod pre-emfnêiice in Art illustraliun. Tuk Aet 1M'aktmkkt of this volume will be richer in representations of American natural sceneiythan any of its predecessors. To aid a popular decisión on the cluiius of rival localities to the titk', "The Öwitzerland of America," uur artista are exploring the regions oí' uur country whice have more recently been brotight into notice. ThcYoSemite and the Yellowstone, the Sierras and the RockieB shall bc brouirht home to the patrons of The Aldine - bnt uot to the exclusión or ïieglcct of our glorious old Allcghnnies and their more familiar surrouDilings. Jixperienue, and capital largely increascd by (he liberal patronage o! au appreclalive jablic, has made possible the introducuon of greaTcr syslein and plan in select i Dg the Art exhibiU, o as lo cover all dcsirable ground, enabliug an hnrnioniuuh and judicious combination and progresslon, so to speak, through the wide world of Art. Examples by figure, animal and landscape paintera of every school - aucient and modern - American or foreign, wil] apiear with all the old refreshing variety, but with an added advantage of more delibérate arrangement and defined purpose, to instruct and iu inforru as well n to delight. The publisliers have en tire confidenoe that the public will continue the cvidencc of their appreciation of these eflbrts to maintaiu an Art publication that shall be characteristic and worthy of the progress and liberal tas tes of Americans, and Ihey anticípate wilh pleasure tbc opportunity for a practical verdict on their past achievements which the couimencement of a new volume afl'ords. plan of public A.TION. The Aldine volumes will. In future, be completed in 24 parts, at 50 cents each, publi-shed munthly and sold only to subscribers for the complete volume. Subscribers will pay on delivcry for parte actually received, and no canvasser or deliverer is tiuthorized to vary terms in any way Oï to make any representations on the faith of the publishers out■idejof tlie regular prospectus. The Aldine will ïjot be aold by book or newstlealers geueially. Any person desiring to act as the agent for any particular locality, .should apply promptly, giving full particulars as to business, references, and territory deaired. Liberal arrangeinents wiU be made with the best parties. THE ALDISE PUBLISHIXG 00,, JA.TIKS BUTTON, Previdcut, 18 Vessey Si., New York. I INSEY & SJSABOIXS BA.KEKY, R0CKRY -AND'LOL'K & KKKI) STOK. E. We keep coutjtuntly on nand, BREAD, CRACKERS. CAKES, ETC, KOR WÍIOL13SALK and KKTAIIj TftADB. We -thitll tUu keep a rtupply ot DELHI F-IOUtt, J. M. BWIPT Si UU'S BEST WHITE WHKA I FLOUR. RYE FLUU1Í, BUCKWWHKAT FLOUK, CURN MKAL, FEED. fcc. &c. At wboleale ADd rtt-ul. A generHl utock o! (JiliiCKUlKs AND PROVISIONS contttuntly on htiiid, whiv-h will be dold on nti n:naonible terms tis at uny otber house in this city. CaBb paid for Hutu-r, Egge, and Country Prolace generally. ■S GoodBdeliveroo o any part of the city with out extra charge. ttinrSEY & MAitoiT. Ann Arbor, Jan. 1. 1878. irC4 Report of the Condition OF TUK Anti Arbor Savings liiuik AT ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, Ou Mondtty July lat, A. D. 1878, Hade in accordance with sctious 18, lii, aud G7 of the General Banking Law, aaaraendedtn 1871. RR8OURCB8, Ioans and dlacounts, 1 S6,0729 0 verdraf U, 2.60 lïeveuut1 Btamps, 117.00 Pnrnlture and nxtures, 2,ti97.S4 Keal estáte, 1,087.60 Bills iu transit, 74&0U Due trom National Banks, I5.278ÍS7 ■Si) vci ctiin and ulcklw, 700.46 Legal Tender and li;ink noii-s, 24,997.00 Total, Ï23IJ01.3I il BI r.ii (Kft. Capital Btock, íH).00O,00 Uiidividcd prufiü, t',1', ,riï Dividend uofialü, 105.00 Due deposltora, 175,280.80 Total, $31.701.81 I dosolemn); awearthai the above Btateiuepl is trut', in the IkííI uf ni y tcDowledfe and Ikü-i. CUAS. ü. HI8COCK, Cashler. Subscrlbed and sworn lo beft u-e me tb la 2d dav öf July, 1878. 1094w2 ADAM D.8EVLKR, Nmaiy Pnblio. 13IDS WANÏED f' ii stink. Fixturc, etc, bolougioffto estáte of Martin Clark, a bunkriipi. AImj för the Store, No. 39 South Main Stroel, encurabered for $4,720. The iiiMMiinry. stock, etc., can he sneu by calllng at tlio Dffioe of tbe nndersigaed. Bids can be made for ilie -ntire property alove uamed, or tbr the store. stock, fixtures. etc., separate. The right to rejeet iny aud all bids is hereby reserved. Uids to be MD1 to tht underaigned nntl] Monday, July 15, 12 m. Aun Arbor, July 8. 1S7S. E. D. K.INNE, AssÍkucí'. M OU SE AND LOT FOR SALE. in a deaiiable part of the city, and in food repair. AIho a house to reut ou favorable term, inquire at the Aitoue office, cz 22 THOMSON STREET. Aun Albor, Mareh 14, 1878. I(í78tf. ' Marble Works ! - OF - AIMTOIM EISELE.. Corner Detroit t& Calhnrine Sts. - DKAl-KKrf IX - Monumcnts&GTaYestjOiies iMunutucturuil of Kort'ïïti niel Amuli.:ui ÜHANITE and MA.RÖLE. OUT BUiLM B AUTiriCHL STÖMÏ Mannfaotured on short nolioe. Prices low ftitd wotk warrnnlftd to give aatinfaotiou. íi;níivI MH. M. GOLDMAN, W'islits lo -t:it' lh;il lu Ís iiuw localCfl dl N t. 17 Mlchigau Aveuuu, l.-i m-íi, vrhere eau alwuyá be fon tid a i'ull and complete stook ui' HUMAN HAIIt GOOÜS, of all descrlptlons, to wliicta the atteutlon of tlic odÍ6d la especlftlly invitad. jKS" Combinas rooted and worked up in e?ery style, by a dow and Bitperfor proseas, for 50 cenia per ounce. T.udius' u nd geots wg8 mailt to orJt-r on short notice. Orders by mail BoHcIted and wil] receiVe prompt attention. Ladies' and eents' cast rV garraeots and irearlug [ upjmrcl taken in exchauge. My Motto : Satisfnctlon in prlce and qualily or no pay. M. GOLDMAN, 170 MicMgau Avenue, Detroit. N. B. - Mr. Goldman Iras hd unllmited expertence in the human liair lusiüCS3 fur over IS y.-uis. GtVE IIIM A TRIAL. A DOLLAR SAVED IS A HOLLAR EARNED ! NEW GOODS ! AndprlceeLOWER THAN RVRR, I llave purchu-süd in New Vork. for chsIi, una I ahí iioiv daily reoeiving one ofthe tur.-.-t and most select stocks of Qroeerietf in Washteauw Ouunty, oonsistíug' oí u lull tiiid weil selected UNE OF TEAS, AIl ot' tlit: new crop - taduding Guupawdera, luipríalt Ifouug lijsons, II] ons, Japans, Uolouts, l'urnouu, Coupons, Noui Iioiik, und Tw;inku), Together wíl h n full liue of TOFFEES, consixting uf ihe íullotring Imiuda: M.ÜCHA., t)M) UOV'TJAVA.MAliAOAIBO, LAOUAYRÉ.S v.NTOS und Ría, buth ronstea and ,s''J ; ful] and weli aeltoted stock oí SUCARS, SYhUPS AND MOLASáES, Tí(íethor wilh everythiog in the lint cf Puro Spices,Cftnned fruits, uno Vegetables. We bave a full sod oomplot" tine í BOOTS & SHOES, HATS, CAPS, (ÍLOVES And llosiery. Alio, h ohoioe Huortment ot Ladies1 andOentlemen'fl Underweúr Cali and examine (fods tind l'iiftt'8 nnd vu will iusuroaattefaotion, EDWARD DUFFT. " Itayaard fl block,' cor.Mnin íiui adii slicct Ann Arbor, Mich. B5rHii,'h'Bt cítsh pi-ice paid tur hII furm produce. "1O RAILROADS. MM lll-iAX CENTRAI, K.VILKOAIl" MAY 12, 1878. 1OIHS tT, STATIONS. 5 fi i ? P_;ílJo5 - A. M. A. M P.M. [. jj p M ' Detroit, lenve. 7 0 9 85 4 45 - 6 ," . O. T.Junction, 7 15 10 0(1 3 00 3 (,■-, o L 'J ' '■' Wuyu.-Junction 7 4U 10 2il 5 82 :; n j 1?, ? 10 ïpsiluntl, 8 10 10 45 C 00 si !l ? f Gteddea, _ . ]1 w Anu Arbor, 11 00 6 80 4 OS 8 1(iTT bcü.i, S 44 6 43 UZ ' 2I Dexter, 8 56 K .",ö 4 24 8 31 ' ühelaes, 9 13. 7(8 4 40 8 45 " - Grane Lukf, ;i 50 7 :;a 5 on 9 J i'. u ' - .lucksou, 111 ïu IS 15 S 00 6 00 s i0 .L Al Won, 11 04 12 I-i ó 6 47 10 88 ? ï 1arsbal), 11 :!0 1 80 5 7 15 11 m '■ i-, m. s " ' Battle Creek, i iü 1 :,:, t 7 4r n v ,, Guieeburg, [2 62 8 08 12 o; " A. M. A v Kalamazoo, 1 18 2 SS 4 80 8 20 IS ?i - Lawton, 1 M ■ 5 05 f : 2 ;':l Decatur, 211 520 1 ■, - ■ Uowagiac, 5 46 15, ' Nüeu, :i 115 4 07 C 80 ■ . 7 Huehanan, :; 19 1; 4:; _J_ 2J Thrce Oaks 8 J'.i ; 13 ' - New ISuifalo, 4 U3 4 i7 7 38 ■■ s " Michigan Cily, 4 ::0 5 20 7 55 4 ? T Lake, 5 13 i 02 (s 40 ] J ■ Kensingtou, 6 03 C 0 !) 10 5 S ï ; Chicago, arrive, C 55 V 40 10 80 c 45 ( OOIKUEAKT. LiJii@.Bji A. 31. A. M. I'. M. 1. u ? Chicago, leave, ■ 7 (10 !l 00 f 00 5 ú ;." Kensiuglon, 7 50 9 50 4 50 i, ." I-ake, 8 40 10 f) 5 45 SX'liS Michigan City, 2.1,11 10 35 7 40 11 ï New Buü'alo, 9 47 11 '11 1 . -_ !}" Thiw Utiks, 10 02 7 u u" Buehanan, 10 32 7 48 ■ Niles, 10 45 12 li s 12 9 (KI JTs UuwilKiac, U IS S 4I tS Decatur, 11 :ü 9 C5 , ,f Lawton, 1157 9 28 a. M.l 11 Kalamazoo, VI :tó 1 411 10 00 G 60 10 ÏB ti. Ualeal.un'. 12 62 . 7 09 . ; Iialtle Creek, 1 27 3 IS M - 11 OS 3 Marshall, 2 2:, 8 0" 5 s 10 'T Albion, 2 52 3 21 a.m. 8SS.1SS'iii Jackaon, 3 4.i 4 OS 5 40 il 35 12 50 4 si ürass Lake, 4 08 (i (T (1 go Chelsea, 4 40 a 31 10 117 Dexter, 5 00 (i 47 10 u Delhi, 6 10 1; 5.1 Aim Arbor, 6 2 5 10 7 10 10 33 2 05 Í % Ypsilanti. 5 38 5 W 7 27 10 45 2 20 6 iï WiiyneJuuc, (i 02 6 45 7 52 11 05 o 44 ;N O. T. June, (i 33 C 15 8 25 11 80 3 S1 1 ,: Detroit, Ar., li 48 6 80 8 40 11 45 3 35 J( #íáundnys exceptad. ISjittirday itud bucday ei cepted. iüaily. U. 1). I.EDYARD, Oen'l Supt,, Dotruit H. C. Wbktwoeth, Geu. Pa. Agt., ('bicago. DETROIT, HILLSÜALE AND SnrrilWÜSTKitN HAILROAD 'l'o takt) effiecl Maj 12, l;s. OOINll WKBT. il,v(, m,, STATIOK8. Mili.. i;.]i. TAT1ON8. . ,,! A. M. I'. M. Ypnilimti ... 8:15 7: li " ■ . tfuliue. i:25 8:10 Bunkers .. 6:15 Hé BridgewoU-r.. 9:45 8:28 HUUdale 5:4i Unnrliexter. 10:22 S:4b Manchester.. 8:15 tij I'. m. BridgewaUv 9M 4:Hillsdalt- 1:00 10:3" Baline 9:50 4-53 Banken 1:10 10:40 Vpnlanti.... KWO 5i Tram run ly Ohicugi) time W. P. PARKER, Sup't, Ypsilanti. fN AI MIITHi:ii I{;v I.I.MCS. " The i i.tly AiiM-iiciin lïoiiic I hro Tralns leave M. C. K. i:. Depot, li'.[ii,ii, cityiitiie, :t ÜOlloWS : Atlantic Kiiv.vv. iiaüy. i OOa. in.. Wagncrctrtn Boston. I .,- Day Expreaa, dally, 12 10 neon, V, ', to New York and Boston. Liühtning Express, daily excent Siinday, li 10 1, 111., Wagner car to Boffalo and ttochester. Toledo trains leave 7 a. in. excepl Sn&dsy;Sll I'. in. i]:n! -. ü M p. m. except Sundav, Por Fayetté (; 30 p. m. except Suuday. ir lufonuation and ü!-kfis :i(,jriv nG, ft'. Bharplen, :tuci!i M.C. B. R., Ann Arbor. W. K. MUIS. Gen'] Manager, Bi. Thomas. Onl. M.C. ROA li. Pass. Agent, Detroit. FEAKK E. SNOW, Gen. i'u-. andTictel Agt Detroit. FÜRÑÍTÜRE! J. KECK & CO., BaANUFACTURERS OF FURNITÜRK OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS, Are ikmv ORinrlng Graat liidiitemeaö lo l'nrchasors. BUYBES WILL SAVE MONEY BY BL:YING THEIB FÜKNITÜRE lircct of tln Manufacturera. Manufactory, corner of A ïlliam and West Fourtli Streete Salesrooms, 52 South Main and 4 VVest Liberty Streef Ann Arbor, Mich. m $ THE NEEDHAM Musical Catoet O ïk 10 !;! Í 2 TH IS new and wonderfullnstrum1 enables any onc, whelher understanding music or not, to play anv desired melody or harmony, sacrcl secular, from the most phüiitivedirge' the most lively danco music. It P9sse. ses a mechanism of marvelous simp '- city, requiring but the imelligence ol chlld to manipúlate, yetcapableof reprj clucing, without limitation, ihe musi coniposilions of the past, rRESENï a" FUTURE. The execution is fauHlessi : niet in melody., harmony and rllV , j :ind the instrument is eminently wfl tor Sunday Schools, praycr and v'' meetings, home devotional exercis j and in all cases whcre good, .cor.reat music is required, and no musida0 S band to perform. Address, 33. V. NEJ3BKAM & SOlí' MANUFACIURERS, 143, 145 & 147 Ej_23a_St, NewYoA_, II Pul I ex,rlihttatheirownlooaUj ' LJJM 1 ticular and samples worih V mprove your spre tirac at this busiued. TiNbON & Co., PorthiDtl, Maiue. ____ - ■ - ■ " ■][ liiiviisity Letter and Note Heal. v ml without Cuts, in Hodder'a rat'11' " lnsl'ad Covers -lüO and 130 sheets ■■ ook- for :il the ARGUS Office.


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