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- Ground has been broken for the addition to the First ward school building. - G-eo. W. Cook bas been appoiutwd Bpecial policemau for the southeru depot. - The glant of giants is with Barnum's show whioh exhibits here Tuesday, July 23. - In another column "Little Mack " tells what he proposes to do ior the next 30 days. -■ Wagner has :i large stock of sumiller suits, which he offers to sell at less than cost, _ Dr. Í'. W. O'Toole, of Bay Uity, lias beeu greeting bis old friends in this city duriug the past city. - "Justice" ha? taken her position on top of the nevv Court House, on the west end of the building. - Soveral uusuccessiul attempts at burglary have been made during the past week in differeut parts of the city. -The report of the I'eoples' 1! mk of Maueliester, dated July 1, shows deposits, $56,676.i;j ; loaus and discounts, $80,998.06. - The tírst regular train on the new railroad, on Monday evening last, brought to this city twelve cars loaded with freight. - Some snoak thief " went through " the house of E. W. Suell, on Aun streot, yesterday t'oreuoou, carryiug olï clothing, jewelry, &o. - Capt. Jerry ÜRourk, of Masou City, Io., returned to lus old home here last Saturday eveuiug to spend a week visiting his pareuts and triends. - Three young lions with uiiopened eyes and a beautitul white fawn, the size of a cat, are the latest aJditions to Barnum's wonderful collectiou of animáis. -The Commercial saya that on the Fourth 500 Tpsilanbaua bought tickets for Aun Arbor. Tho crowd was so great here that tliey were not discovered. - The contract for building the addition to tho First Ward school buildmg has been let to Hom & Hoffstetter, of this city, for f1,974.44, and to be completed August 20. - By a premature discharge of a camión at Ypsilanti July 4, Alber Collar, a harness maker, who was withdrawing the ramrod, had his arm and hand badly burned. - The freight house of tlie new railroad iu this city has been supplied with a set of Fairbanks' scales, of 2,500 Ibs. capacity. Tliey were procurad of Eberbach & Co. -The palace advertising car attracted great attention while here. Col. F. A. Kealer is lts conductor und lie is gunial and pleasant to all. The car is a show wprthy a visit. - As VVilliam Noble was driving up División stieet Monday noou his horse gave a suduen turn or start side vvise and broke tho boíles of the pastern joint ot' the t'ore leg. - The train goi ug South Monday moroing "muttoned " a ttock oï sheep which were encuinped on the track, on the farm ot Jas. F. Smith, iu Pittstield. No accident to the train. - Barnum will positively accompany his show to Ann Arbor. He will at each performance address his patrons. Although oversixty years of age he has all the energy of a youth. - The rainy weather is very unfavorable for the wheat harvest. The grain is badly lociged, and if dry weather does not set promptly in there is great danger of the wheat growing. - The Sunday meetings of the Reform Club will hercifter, uutil further notice, be huid Suuday evenings. The next meeting will ue addressed by Kev. M. V. Kork, of Union City. - The Ypsilanti St-ntinel don't like the order foi the ragimental shoot (fur a Sharp's rifle) atJuckson, August 1. It finds fault with the location and the conditious generally, and apparenlly with good reason. - On Monday a coloied employé at the öregory House aecidentally dropped a pistol upon the ñoor, which diaoharged, the contents entering the le of Mary Cavenaugh, also au employé, Dut not inflicting a dangerous wound. - The coustruction train and laborers of the uew railroad were removed trom this city to the southern portion of the road on Sunday last, to finish the uncoinpleted work in thit section, after which they will return to this city and resume work. - Weduesilay evenin " Tar-roof .Yaughn aaulted with a club a Germán woman liviug ou West William street, on account of some alloged slauder, Vaughn was arrested aml is now in juil. The womau is reportad in a dangerous condition. - Tuesday noon, at the upper end of Jtfaiii street, a lively "mili" took place, participated iu by u Germau audm "American citizen of Afncan desceut." " The colored troops fought bravely," and " The üaitch company was [nol] the best compuiy." - Bro. Patüson, of the Ypsilanti Commercial, gets in a inore reasonable growl than usual. This is it : " The advertisiiig of Senator Chandler as the orator at Ann Arbor was r mean swindle." And this notwithstandmg he snys Col. Beard made "a flrst class speech." - In the Circuit Court ou Tuesday last an order for refereuce in the case of The Eegents of the University vs. S. H. Douglas was, by consent or stinulation ot' partiea, referred to Thomas A. Wilson and William K. Gibson, of Jackson. We are ot advised at what date they will commence wurk. - Ou Tuesday a considerable portion of the Court House Square was euclosed with a high tence, upou which to iliustrate " Barnum's 'Jreatest Show on Earth," -aud on Weduesday morning said f nee obatructed the sidewalk, it liaving been blown down daring the gala of the night. It was rebuilt Wednesday, and (lecorated yesterday. - A few days ago when the janitor eutered Udd B'ellows Hall to prepare the room for the meeting of the lodge, he found the large framed charter ot the lodge upon the floor demolished, moths having eaten off the cords by which it was suspended. Persons should examine their picture aud looking gla3i cords before similar accidents befal thera. - An election to lili the vacancy existing n the office of Major of the First Regiment, M. S. T., will be held at Jackson ou Thursday, Aug. 1, 187S,at the Armory of Company G, at one o'clock. If military courtisies are heeded Capt. S. B. Kevenaun'n, of this city, is in a fair way ot rilling the ofüce, as he is the ritnkiig captain of the regiment and well qualified to ñll the position. - Rates of tares from this city to the several st itïons of the T. &. A. A. R. are: To Ypsii'uiti Junction, 15 cents ; Urania, 25 ; Nora, 35 ; Milán, 45 ; Azahn, ÜO ; Macon, 70 ; Dundee, 75 ; Monroe Junction, 85 ; Lu-Lu, 90 ; Seola, Y100; Sainaría, tl 05; Hawthoru, tl 15; Detroit Junction, $1 '25; North Toledo, Í1 35 ; Toledo, SI 10. Tickets to Toledo aud rtturn are ieaued for Í2.30. - Supt. Lawrence has headed a subscription with if5 lor the purchaso of three statues tor the new Court House, to ïaatch the oue presented by McCormick c Sweuey, contractors. A very choup offer is made, - below Cust it is ciaiined, - aud those willing to couttibute are desired to step mto the office of tlit' County (Jlerk and put down their names, A single statue will look decidedly lonely and Qnhalanccd - The July meeting of the Tri-State Fair 'l'rotting Association, at Toledo, begins on Tuesday uext and continúes four days. The list of entnes comprlse all the noted trotters "ii the turf, from all sections of the country. l'he ])remiums ofïered are very liberal, and includes a special purse of $1,000 for Rirus to beat the best time ever made on a half-inile 'rack. Lirge uumbers of our citizeus are proposinjr to embrace this opportunity of visiting Toledo and the fair. The T. & A. A. R. will run a special excursión train each day, leaviug 'hls city at 7 30 a. m., and returning arrive at W.00 p. m, - One of the must mystei'iuus features in Barnuin's museum is the bust of a beautiful lady resting upon a table. You can see all around and under the table, the lid is not au inch thick, yet the mysterious lady smile, and fans herseli. No abdomen is visible or any of the lower extremities. Is it alive P - On Monday last regular trains commenced running on the Toledo and Ann Arbor Railroad. For the present but one train each way will be run daily, leaving this city in the morniug and returning in the evening. Going South, the train leaves Ann Arbor at 6.30 a. m„ arriviiig at Toledo at 10.00. Going North, leaves Toledo at 4.00 p. m. arriving here at 8.00. The trams carry both passengere and freight. It is expected that in a few days au additional train each way will be placed on the road, and the time for making the trips considerably lessenod. H. W. Ashley oñiciates as conductor of the train. - Crowell and Salsbury, the "confideuce" operators are no louger boarding with Sheriff Uase, Commissioner Emerick having eularged them on bail. Ëach was held on two charges, - oue for false pretensos and the other for uttering forged paper kuowmg it to be forged, and the bail of each was iixed at $1,000 in the one case and $200 in the other, or $1,200 each. L. D. Hale, of this city, is the bondsman for Crowell, and Eansom Salsbury, of York, for Salsbury. We understand that the bondsmen were secured by a deposit of cash in their own hands. The trial will come off at October term, - unless there is a forteiture of the bouds or some other hitch. - An up-the-nver granger, one who wants the highest possible price for his produots and to pay the lowest prices for lita purchases, hearing of the high price paid at Uhelsea for wool determined to market his clip at that place, and accorüingly took it thereto a few day ago. Ou his way he drove via Dexter, stoppiug " to see what might be done there." Tweuty-eight cents being the largest ofter, at which prioe " he'd ba d i ïf he would aell." Arriving at Chelsea twenty-five cents was the largest ofFer. Returuing to Dexter the buyers refused to take it at the price oft'ered earlie'r in the day. He carne to this city and sold it tor thivty cents, with ono-fourth dockage on account of condition and quahty. A proh'table day. He will be louder-mouthed than ever with his demands for " down with the middlemau," - On Monday atternoon a well-dressed man, with a large well-iilled satchel in hand, entered the offioe of Cook's Hotel and registere J as C. B. Clarke, Dayton, O., and asked to be couducted to a room, which was done. Aft'r lireakfast the next moruiug the guest disappeared. Not putting in an appenrance for dinner au examination waa made of the room, when the discovery mas made that the satchei wus gune but that the gentleman had not forgotten to leave something in compensation for his entertainment. In a bureau drawer was carefully placed the coutents of the iuflated satchel, consisting of a large amouut of muilen leaves. Mr. Jewell removed the drawer and contenta to the office of the hotel where he took pleasure in. exhibiting the "uew currency " to his friends. After soms reflectiou Mr, lewell thinks he would rather be paid with inflated greenbacks than with the contenta of an iutlated satchel.


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