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- The testiuiony givea by E. L. Weber before the Potter committee is to be taken with many grains of allowauoe. The manner of his identification of the Sherman letter he claims to have destroyed is baldly farcical. He had seen Sherman write once or twice while m New Orleans, and that was all. Will either experts or men of common sense place the lenst conftdeuoe in such a test. Sherman may have wntteu the Anderson-Weber letter, but it ïsn't pjoveu by the Weber testimouy any more than by that of Mrs. Jcuks. - Let it no loager be charged against the Arkansas Democracy that they are not in favor oí universal education. Wituess as proof of the fulsity ot auy such assertiou the followiug resolution adopted at the recent State Couvention : "We favor a Wholesale system of public schools, to the end that every facility may be afforded tor educatiou consistent with the ability of tha people." No picnyuue or retail tellows those Arkausas Democrats. - Does the Chnstian Union know that there is a Michigan University, and that it has recently passed lts thirty-fourth annual commeucemeut, graduatiug classes or student in seveial departments and courses ? lts "Commencemeut Notes " show lamentable ignorance in this direction. The New York World also studlously ignored Michigan University in its Commeucement reports. - Heury W. Sage, of Brooklyn, has given $25,000 to Cornell. Mrs. Anua Seaver has given ÍM0.000 to Harvard, $100,000 for a uew building to be known as Seayer Hall, and $-40,000 as an eudowment. Augustus Heraiugway, of Boston, has also giveu Harvard $■30,000 for a gymnasium. Michigan University has gatheied in uo such plums. - Lieut. O. B.Wheeler, of the Lake Survey, a University gradúate, class of '62, goes out to Colorado in charge of the Government party sent out to observe the total eclipse of the suu set down tor July 29. Prof. Langley, of the University, will be attached to the party, and has already left home. - The Kasteru Michigan Insaue Anylum at Poutiac is to be open to patients Aug. 1, alter which date it will be illegal for coauty superïntendents of the poor or for any other authority whatever to consign to the county almshouse any insaue person. This county must hereafter seud its insane to Pontiac instead of Kalamazoo. -Beu Butler has cut loóse froin the Republiaan party and declared hu atlegiance to greenbackism. He did n't mean to be kicked out of the party aud so stole a march on caucuses and conventions. - The Detroit Evening News appeared in a complete and beautiful uew dress. The liew type faas a model face and gives a priut good for the eyes.


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